High Voltage Rock 'n Roll

My name is Jeff and this is my Homepage.

I am a student at Washington University in St. Louis, where I am working on my Law Degree and my MBA. I will be done in May, 2004.

I try and update this every now and then, but I'm not that good about it.

The Background: I was born in St. Louis and moved to Dallas when I was 11. Therefore, my formative and impressionable years - my middle school and high school years - were spent in Dallas. Much of the content on this site has to do with Dallas and it's music. I attended college at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, MO, and graduated with a degree in Marketing in May, 2000.

I have provided links to some of my favorite sites as well as reviews of CDs and shows. I just had to redo this page, so check back often, as I am going to continuously update it.

Other corners of the High Voltage Universe...
Playlists of my current radio show 90.3 FM in St. Louis, MO
Show Reviews
Playlist of my old radio show 88.1 FM in Columbia, MO
Summer of 2000 sort of like the Summer of '69, but not as long ago

My Live365.com Internet Radio Station!

Supergoat...me making noise

Band links...
The Reverend Horton Heat
Deathray Davies
Modest Mouse
Built To Spill
The Adventures of Jet
Old 97s
Riddle of Steel
The Polyphonic Spree
the pAper chAse
Ring, Cicada

Other links...
KWUR 90.3 FM in St. Louis, where I currently am a DJ
The St. Louis Punk PageGreat resource for bands in St. Louis
Epitaph Records (Bad Religion, New Bomb Turks, Dwarves, Zeke, etc...)
Rock Star Game...procratinate, my children!!!
Pitchforkmedia...for all you rock elitists out there!
MTV2 I never thought I'd say this, but they actually a bunch of good videos archived here
Live365.com (Internet radio site featuring all genres)
ZED A worthwhile waste of time
Listen to Some Drunk Guy!
Drinking Games!
Lonely Planet if you like to travel
The Riverfront Times (St. Louis)
The Dallas Observer
Comedy Central
Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Learning Channel (you know you watch them...)

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