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Greetings & Reunion

Saturday the 26th of June at 1PM

Music ....Brothers In Arms

Hello Muleskinners I was saying before Christmas, its time to take care of Muleskinner business. I have reservation information which you can print out and mail in. If anyone needs me to, I'd be glad to mail you one. The hotel reservations can be made at, 1-800-444-2326.

Do mention it's for the VHCMA and ask for that rate. We will have our own hospitality room at the ADAM'S MARK AIRPORT HOTEL. Many of you have voiced strong support and have requested reservations even before I got the forms; Thanks!

WE WILL BE STAYING IN THE ADAM'S MARK AIRPORT HOTEL. FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-800-444-2326. THE RATE IS $75 AND ASK FOR THE SPECIAL VHCMA RATE. IF THERE IS PROBLEMS WITH THE RES CENTER ASKED TO BE CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE HOTEL. FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO GO EARLY AND ATTEND THE GRAND PRIX RACE ON SUNDAY, JUNE 20, CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY AND ASK TO TALK WITH MIKE OR MICHELLE TO MAKE RESERVATIONS. THE SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL RATE WILL BE $199. (DOWN FROM $269). RESERVATIONS FOR SATURDAY, JUNE 19TH MUST BE MADE BEFORE 4/15/04. On the other hand, I've gotten mixed messages from some of you; many have been interested and ready to go, then I don't hear from you again. Others have been mildly interested, but haven't decided one way or the other. I want to ask each and every one of you, to please drop me an e-mail and let me know if you'll come to this activity, or if you'll follow through with the history gathering effort. I'm still working on the history questionnaires, based on the "Army Institute of History, Vietnam History Project" survey. I'll have these ready, and present them at the reunion for your suggestions / recommendations. On Saturday the 26th of June at 1PM, I'd like to have an informal meeting of those present, to discuss the questionnaires, and to discuss how, and what, we want to do for the future of the "Skinners".

Please come back to me with a response. This will be a sort of role call, if you will, and will help me to be better prepared and organized. In addition to the web contacts, I'm still working a mail campaign and this is very intensive / time consuming, with a very slow turn around, in terms of getting information. So, what do you say guys; please "step up" and let me know something, OK? Kind Regards to you all, RogerRamjet

An opportunity exists this year for all of us to come together for a "first" reunion and to organize the writing of a history. I won't be too specific now, however, it would be at the Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers Association annual reunion, 23-27 June 2004, at Indianapolis, Ind. We would have a mini-frunion for Muleskinners and family members. If you were a great commander or a "waste" burner or anywhere in between, please respond. Please contribute your stories, pictures, memorabilia or just thoughts to "our" history. Respond in any way you feel comfortable, but we need to do it. Why not do it this year? When ourkids are our age, they will wonder about us. Will they have a history to see, to read, and to pass on? Will they see where you stood, and whom you stood with? Please do not be to proud nor to humble; all of the stories are important. I want to ensure you an "all-inclusive" history as related by you, the Muleskinners, will be compiled. I sincerely request your contributions to this endevor and strongly urge your presence at our "first" reunion.


I am sincerely,

Roger G. Montgomery 1SG Ret.
4511 Pineville Lane
Spring, TX 77388
Phone 281-288-4152

I'm pleased at the responses so far, and have had some good conversation with some of you. I believe we'll be able to do this, even with the dozen or so who have shown interest. I especially want to mention a special Muleskinner, from 68 / 69 who is serving in "Iraq". I was surprised and even pleased to find this out. (I hope he's OK with it) I obtained his permission to give out his address data. (1st line): 1SG Tom Doyel, (2) TF 12th AVN, (3) A/5-159 (BLAD), (4) APO AE 09391-1390. E-mail = I think we should send him our support in whatever way we can. I leave that up to you individually.Tom mentioned flying with John Labelle, and Don Ross in the 242nd. He is with a 40+ Chinook organization made up of "Big Windy", His unit, and a Guard Unit. I continue to wish you all a happy holiday season. After the Holidays lets get on with Muleskinner business. Kindest Regards RogerRamjet
(forward as you see fit to Muleskinner supporters)

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