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Here is a description of some exercises with picture tutorial.

Bench Press-Lie in a supine position on a flat bench with your legs positioned at the sides of the bench and your feet flat on the floor. Using a hand grip that is about 6 inches wider than your shoulder width, bring the barbell to arms length above the chest but in line with the shoulders. Lower the barbell to a position on the chest that is about an inch below the nipples of the pectorals. Note from the illustration that the elbows are back and the chest is held high. Inhale as the barbell is lowered to the chest and exhale as you push the barbell back to arm's length. Do not relax and drop the weight on the chest but lower it with complete control making a definite pause at the chest before pressing it back to the starting position. Keep the head on the bench and do not arch the back too sharply as to raise your hips off the bench.
Barbell Curls- Hold a barbell with both hands using a palms up grip about 18 inches apart. Stand erect with your feet about 18 inches apart. With the bar at arms length against your upper thighs, Exhale and curl the bar up to the height of your shoulders keeping your back straight, legs and hips locked out. As you are lowering the bar back to the starting position, do so in a controlled manner causing the biceps to resist the weight as much as possible. Inhale as you return to the starting position.
Bent over Rows- Place a barbell on the floor in front of you. With your feet about 18 inches apart bend down and get a grip on the barbell that is about 26 inches wide. Keep the legs bent and your back parallel to the floor as you exhale and pull the weight up to the lower part of the chest. Inhale as the barbell returns to the starting position. Do not let the barbell touch the floor once you have begun this exercise. Keep your head up and your back straight.
Dumbbell Flys- Lie supine on a flat bench with two light dumbells at arms length above the shoulders with the palms of the hands facing each other. Keeping the arms as straight as possible, lower the dumbells out to each side of the chest in a semicircular motionuntill the weights are about even with the sides of your chestbut back slightly so they are nearly in line with your ears. From this position return the weights back above the chest using the same path you used originally. Exhale as you reach the top position. You must breathe heavilly, hold your chest high, keep your head on the bench and concentrate on the pectorals.
Close Grip Bench-Hold a barbell with both hands using a palms down grip about 6 to 8 inches apart. Lie on a flat bench in a supine position. Keep your head on the bench and press the barbell to arms length, keeping it in line with your shoulders. Inhale and lower the barbell straight down to the lower part of your pectorals keeping your upper arms in close to your sides as the weight is lowered and raised. Press the bar back to the starting position, concentrating on the triceps, and exhale
Concentration Curls- Grasp a dumbell in your right hand and sit on a bench with your feet about twenty four inches apart. Position the dumbell in front of you hanging at arms length between your legs with a palms up grip. Bend slightly at the waist and place your left knee to help support your upper body. Rest your upper right arm against your inner right thigh about four inches above your knee. Inhale and curl the dumbell in a semicircular motion by bending your arm at the elbow and keeping your upper arm vertical with the floor. Continue the curl until your bicep and forearm are touching. At the top position the dumbell should be at shoulder height. Return to starting position using a similar motion and exhale. Do the prescribed number of repetitions with your right arm and then change positions doing the same number of repetitions with your left arm.
French Press-Hold the barbell with both hands using a palms down grip about 6 inches apart. Sit on the edge of the bench with your back straight, head up and feet planted firmly on the floor. Press the barbell overhead to arms length. Inhale and lower the weight straight down behind your head in a semi-circular motion by bending your arms at the elbows but keeping your upper arms vertical throughout the exercise. The barbell should be lowered until your forearms and biceps touch. Press the barbell back to the starting position using the same path and exhale. Be sure to keep your upper arms as close to the side of your head as possible during the exercise.
Lat Pull-downs-Place your hands on the lat machine bar about thirty-six inches apart. Kneel down on your knees until you are supporting the weight stack with your arms while they are extended overhead. Inhale and pull the bar straight down until it is even with your upper chest. Return to starting position and exhale
Leg Curls- Lie face down on a leg extension machine with your feet to the front. Straighten your legs and place your heels under the top foot pads. Hold on to the front of the machine for support. Inhale and curl your legs up until your lower and upper legs come together. Return to the starting position and exhale.
Leg Extensions- Sit on the end of the leg extension machine placing the top of your ankles and feet under the lower foot pads. Back up far enough on the seat to keep the end of the seat against the rear of your knees. Hold onto the seat with both hands just behind your buttocks. Point your toes slightly downwards. Inhale and raise the weight stack until your legs are parallel with the floor. Return to the starting position and exhale. Keep your upper body in a fixed position during the exercise
Military Press- This exercises is to be done exactly as a standing military press, only in a seated position., and in stricter fashion. First, clean the barbell to the shoulders, sit down and place your feet about 16 inches apart. Keep the chest high and your back straight. Press the barbell to arm's length overhead. Do the press slowly and steadily, keeping tension on the muscles at all times. Exhale as you push the barbell overhead and inhale as you lower the bar back to the chest.
Shrugs- Place a barbell on the floor in front of you. With a foot stance of about 16 inches apart, bend down and grasp the bar with both hands about 24 inches apart. Stand erect with the bar hanging in front of you at arm's length. Inhale and drop both shoulders down to the front as much as possible. Exhale and raise your shoulders up as much as possible. Inhale and return to the starting position. Keep your back straight
Side Laterals- (Stand) or sit at the edge of a bench with your legs fairly close together and dumbells at arms length, palms facing in toward the thighs. Slowly raise the dumbells to a position a little above shoulder height, pause, then lower them back to the starting position. Keep the arms straight through out the execution of the exercise. Inhale while raising the dumbells exhale while lowering them.
Squats- Start with the barbell on your shoulders as shown in the illustration. The squat position is shown at its proper angle in the next illustration. There should be a definite pause at the positions shown. Do not bounce up and down, but make a regular momentary pause at the top and the bottom. Special attention should be given to the breathing for this exercise This is the KEY to the exercise. Keep your chest high and INHALE deeply as you squat down. EXHALE as you rise. Keep your feet about shoulder's width apart. For better balance keep your eyes fixed at some object that is eye level ( if you look at the ground you will have a tendency to tip forward ). Do not remove the barbell from your shoulder until you have completed the required repetitions.