Worship Team Leaders' Meeting Notes

One of our Friday Night's Open Gym Night

BSU Gospel Choir

Week #6 (10/4/99)

I. Feedback from last Friday's fellowship

A. Prayer Groups Needed

1. We should divide into small groups, so that everybody will have a chance to be prayed for.

II. Prayer

A. Topic Suggestion (from prayer)

1. Faithfullness

2. Prables: Prodical Son (Randy to teach?)

3. Holliness, Will of God, Getting to Know God better

4. Women's issue w/ Men's issue meeting early Friday evening

conclusion=>"Woman Thou Art Loosed: An Enemy Hath Done This" (video by T.D. Jakes)

Week #5 (9/27/99)

I. Prayer

II. Biblical Verses dealing with current issue:

A. 1. 1 Cor. 3:16-17 God's temple

2. James 4:12 Humility

3. Heb. 12:1-11 Discipline

B. Knowing God's Will

*1. Rom. 10:8 Word from God?

2.Mark 1:11 ?

3. Rev. 22:18

4. Prov. 16:18 Watch for Pride

5. Prov. 3:5-6 witness to counsel

C. Honesty

1. Jeremiah ? accountability

2. James 5:16 confession

3. 1 John 1:9 confession of sins

D. Feed back from Biblical Verses w/current situation

1. Need a structure in A&O

2. Purpose of A&O?

3. Need to seek God together

Conclusion=>Prayer together (one accord!)

Week #4 (9/24/99)

I. Prayer

II. Message From God through A&O Leader

1. Psalm 24 cleanse

2. Proverbs 1:5 be wise and listen 3. Proverbs ?

4. Isaiah 30:15 strength

5. Isaiah 52:11-12 unclean

6. Isaiah 2:3 God teaches us His ways

Week #4 (9/20/99)

I. Feedback from Last Friday's Fellowship

A. Prayer

1. Must pray @7p.m. sharp!

II. Biblical Verses Shared:

1. Matthew 7:22 must know God in a relationship

2. Ecclesiastes 13:1 seasons

3. Matthew 7:1 Do NOT judge

IV. Feedback from verses

1. 1 Cor. 13 spiritual gifts must be use w/ LOVE!

Week #3


Week #2 (9/6/99)

A. Meeting Time Established

1. Fellowships @8p.m. Fridays

2. Worship Team @4p.m. Mondays

B. Agenda Topics?

1. Must pray

2. Suggestion (black) box

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Unity in worship led by Jeremy Erickson

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Unity of brothers and sisters in Christ closing in prayer by a prayer chain of holding hands as one family!

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