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Filipino Recipies


Necita's Flavored Pancit
Preperation Time: 1.5-2 hours (less if you have someone else to help)

-Boil chicken for 15 minutes in hot boiling water covering the chicken
-keep water (broth) that cooked boiled chicken
-cut pre-cooked chicken to differnet pieces (removing all bones)
-Fry some garlic and onions with vegetable cooking oil in a speical pan
-add the pre-cooked boiled chicken to saucer
-add the water w/cooked boiled chicken to special saucer
-add some fish sauce, spreading around saucer
-add pre-cut and pre-cooked carrots, celery, etc..
-add pre-water soaked "Lungkow Vermicelli" (bean thread; chinois a pase de haricot vert)1.3oz (37.5g) of pancit noodles
-keep stirring all the ingredients until

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