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European: Switzers


Who are the Apostolic Christian Church? When I first went to Morris, I was fascinated about a group called the "Shwitzers" (spelling?), which I slowly grew to knew as I lived here. Today (Wednesday, Sept 22nd of 2004), I decided to take the time and start learning more about them. Why? I've lived in this community for 9+ years and I feel I haven't really gotten to know who they are.


I read this book (referenced down below) that a local librarian found after I asked her about the archives in the West Central Minnesota Historical Research room in the lower level outside of UMM'S Briggs Library. I found out that the ACC was founded in the early 1900's by two families from Rock Rapids, Iowa that was looking for quality farming land. They found a farm 2 milies north of Morris and would later find a better one 7 miles south of Morris-Hancock (see locator map)! In 1903 these 2 particular families attracted 5 others-including a minister from Lester, IA. More and more families within the church's denomination would grow in this particular area. By the Spring of 1966, a new large church was constructed and the congregation gathered here for the first time in June 25, 1967.

Where are its' roots? I read in the beginning of the book and learned some German-"Aller Anfang ist schwer" (All beginning is difficult). This quote is pertaining to the work of incorporating the history of this church since it began with Sammuel Froehilich in nineteenth-century Switzerland. Also, I found an answer to one of my questions-regarding to head covering (ACC's Beliefs). They have churches located throughout the country and internationally (Mexico and Japan).

"Female members of the Apostolic Christian Church wear headcoverings while in prayer. These are made of a lace netting material. This is in accordance with the directive in 1st Corinthians that requires this of women in the church."

....more (ACC History)

According to the website above, church branches (Hutterites and Mennonites) developed. These two branches are very visible around the Morris area.

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