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Caribbean: Virgin Islands

The first people I've met from this part of the Caribbean Islands were Mario and Lavonne. They both lived in the same residential hall I stayed in my first three years of college.

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    This Page is Dedicated to:

    Mario French, UMM Student from 1995-1998, who I will always remember from the Asian Student Association's Annual "famous" Talent Show. He sang beautifully "Eye on the Sparrow", which would be sung (not as well as Mario) by various talent show participants years later. Mario won 1st place his first 2 years and 2nd/3rd place the last year he participated. I would later catch-up with him around 2003 when he was visiting UMM. He came all the way to Minnesota to perform at a former UMM student's wedding. He'll be still singing! Last time I've heard from him was when we chatted together and he was studying on his Masters Program in North Carolina.

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