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Asian American: ASA 1997-1998

This year was my junior year at

Harvard Asian American Intercollegiate Conference 1998, attended in Cambridge-Boston, Massachussetts

In the 1998, a number of "diverse" (Chinese American, Korean-American Adoptee, Filipino American (me-Sal), Vietnamese, Hmong-American, Japanese, Sri-Lankan American, Caucasian-American) students from ASA went on a once of a life time experience to the annual Harvard Asian American Intercollegiate Conference 1998, attended in Cambridge-Boston, MA.

We attended many different workshops on Asian American issues. Some notable presenters were: Norman Mineta, congressmen from California; Garret Wang, known for his role in Star Trek: Voyager". Other workshops were presented by our own college students peers. I remember one in particular-Pamela Woon, who was a presenter all the way from the west-coast. There was also some cool fun entertainment as well. The popular group KAI (

There were many bonding opportunities within the group during this weekend conference. Yes, there were some tense times (like all trips) within the group. Also, there were some good-fun-memorable times:

-Cheers, a bar-restaurant, which is famous for the 80's to early 90's sitcom
-stroll around Cambridge
-hanging out with other attendees as we actually stayed in the residential halls with our host (college students)

I was able to video tape this conference, but I'm not sure where it is exactly now. I've kind of passed it down to other ASA members and they never returned it to me.

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  • "Pamela Woon's love for television began on-camera at KOMO in 1992 on the pilot, "Hype." From there she expanded into children's programming for Disney's Bill Nye the Science Guy to commercial and industrial broadcast projects for Boeing, Microsoft, Washington Mutual and Toyota among others. Upon graduation, she returned to KOMO and within a year she worked her way up from intern to field producer and then to talent. Pamela wrote and produced her own weekend segment called, Community Connection. Currently, she's the on-camera host for a Real Networks program called, Rhapsody Music News. It's a daily piece featured on Real TV that can also be found streaming on Sprint cell phones. Behind the camera, she's the first female and person of color to wear the hat of producer-director at Comcast in Seattle. In 2005 alone she produced and directed nearly 200 spots. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and Oxford in political science and speech communication."

    I decided to do this "search" after going through some "papers" during my Spring cleaning (Saturday, April 28th of 2007)

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