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Antartican Outreach

I watched "Shackelton" the documentary movie (A&E version) this past month (July of 2004). I was very inspired by this true story of this South Pole explorer that "never gave-up" to get his 20-30 men to not die after their ship is stranded-sank in the ice of Antartica. It gave me a desire to strive, persevere, and push harder through unexpected "season-long" struggles. I was so into the making of this movie, that I watched the the entire 3rd DVD Special that came with it (loan from local library). I decided to do a website on it...


  • Ernest H. Shackleton 1874-1922, from's Antartica Explorers
  • Documentary Movie

  • DVD Talk>Review

  • *one of the lines that I'll always remember in this series documentary movie (A&E) was the verse Ernest read from the Bible (Psalm 23:4) "shadow of death" (this was quoted in the movie "Titanic). He says this verse after they had to sacrifice their "worldly" materialist possessions in order to have a packed "light" travel after their ship ("Endurance") sinks. Ernest rips a page from the Bible that had this verse as one of his "treasured" belongings to take on his voyage with his team.

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  • British Antarctic Survey
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