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Nigerian Outreach


"Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul."-Acts 13:1

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42, Kolaolukotun Street, Ejigbo, Lagos.
P. O. Box 15280 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Ref: ........Your Ref: .........Date: ......... Beloved,


Answer the call of our Lord Jesus Christ crying in heaven on the state of his church. Weeping and groaning and constantly interceding at the right hand of the Father on what his body ?The church? has turned into, on her shameful and awful predicament.

The Bible says, ?Woe onto them that are at ease in Zion.? My brethren this is the time for sighing and weeping with a broken heart to our Lord for a total restoration and return of all things back to the way it has been laid down to us by the early apostles. The Bible teaches us that the latter church shall be more glorious than the former.

Come rise to the cry of Deborah (Judges 5), Wake up to the help of the Lord. In lieu of this the Lord has called us to this latter day move. We are organising a program in the second quarter of next year, 2005 that will help to a great length to foster this move of God.

This is a non-denominational move of God to bring the church to the Unity of faith. Eph. 4:11-13 By the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ which is eternal, we employ you to join this move of God.

We are looking forward to your response and enquiries.

Let us join our Lord Jesus in enforcing God?s will here on earth as it is in heaven.

In line with the above, we are starting with a major programme coming up at the Gymnassium Hall of the National Stadium in Lagos, Nigerian by second quarter this year (2005)


Yours in His Vineyard,

Blow ye the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain.......Joel 2:1

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From :
Sent : Friday, December 19, 2003 6:07 AM
To :
Subject : Strictly Personal ( Please Help me because of God

The Palace of King of Ogoni Kingdom,
Ogoni Oil producing community,
Rivers State Nigeria.


Dearest in The Lord,

My Dear I know this letter will come to you as a surprise, I have already thought of what will come to your mind or how you will feel when you see my mail, but because of the persuation I have in the spirit, and the convinction God has placed in my mind, I picked up courage to write you knowing that it is God wish.

I am Princess Mary Otete, daughter of Chief Oti Otete, the king of Ogoni Kingdom. I am 25 years old and a graduate of Mass Communication. My father was the king of Ogoni Kingdom the highest oil producing area in Nigeria. He was in charge of reviving royalties from the multi-national oil companies and government on behalf of the oil producing communities in Nigeria.

After the hanging of the Ogoni Nine(9) including Ken Saro Wiwa by the late dictator General Sani Abacha, my father suffered stroke and died in August 27th last year. But before his death, he called me and told me he has Twenty Three Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars (USD23,560,000.00) cash in his possession, specially deposited in a Security vault company here. He advised me not to tell anybody except my mother who is the last wife of the (8) eight wives that he married.

My mother did not bear any male child for him. Which implies that all my father's properties, companies e.t.c., we have no share in them because my mother has no male child according to African Tradition. My father therefore secretly gave me all the relevant documents of the said money, and told me that I should use this money with my mother and my younger sisters because he knows that traditionally, if he dies we cannot get anything, as inheritance. He importantly advised me that I should seek foreign assistannce and that I should not invest this money here in Nigeria because of his other wives and male children who happen to be my elders. I am soliciting for your immediate assistance to get a Bungalow for us, where I will live with my mother and two younger sisters and further advise me where and how I will invest the balance money overseas, possibly on products of your company and other profitable ventures.

I believe that by the special grace of God, you will help us move this money out of Nigeria to any country of your choice where we can invest this money judiciously with you. You are entitled to a reasonable part of this money based on our agreement, and God will bless you as you help us, Please reply through my e-mail

Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible. Please reply through my mail box:

Remain blessed.

Princess Mary Otete

From : Ahmed Musa
To :
Subject : FROM AHMED
Date : Fri, 19 Sep 2003 04:48:53 -0700

Dear Sir,

I, on behalf of my other colleagues from different organs of Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) owned parastatals decided to solicit your assistance as regards transfer of the above-mentioned amount into your bank account. This fund accrued from over in voicing of various contract awarded in my parastatal to certain Foreign Contractors sometimes ago. We, as holders of sensitive position in our various parastatals, were mandated by the Federal Government to Scrutinise all payments made to certain foreign Contractors and we discovered that some of the contracts they executed were grossly over-invoiced either by omission or commission.

In the process the sum of US$27M (Twenty Seven Million US Dollars only) was found lying in the parastatal suspense account after the foreign contractors had been paid their rightful dues for executing the said contracts. We all agreed that this over-invoiced amount be transferred (for our own use) into a bank account provided by a foreign partner, because we are government workers and the Code of Conduct does not allow us to operate foreign accounts.

However, we have succeeded in transferring some of this money precisely US$5.0M (Five Million US Dollars only) into a foreign account in MOROCCO (North Africa), but the provider of the account in MOROCCO is up to some mischief and refuses to comply to the earlier mutual agreement by insisting that the total amount be paid into his nominated bank account before disbursement will take effect. If for a meagre sum of US$5.0M (Five Million US Dollars only) we are not compensated, is it when the balance of US $22M (Twenty-two Million US Dollars)is transferred that we will be sure of our full compensation? Of course, this abuse of trust and inhumanity calls for sober reflection and search for absolute trust.

Thus we are seeking your unwavering assistance that the remaining amount of US$22M can be speedily processed and fully remitted into your nominated bank account. On successful remittance of the fund into your account, you will be compensated with 30% of the amount for your assistance and services.

However, much have been said and due to our sensitive positions, we cannot afford a slip in this transaction neither can we give out identity as regards our espective offices, but whereby cordial relationship is established, smooth operations commences, you will be furnished with details of all deserve to know, because all logistics are in place and all modalities worked out for the smooth actualization of the transaction within fourteen working days of commencement after receipt of the following information through the above E-mail, Your company's name and address, your telephone/fax number, your full banking information.

I am at your disposition to entertain any question from you with respect to this transaction, so contact me immediately through my e:mail for further information on the requirements and procedure for this transaction.

Please, treat with the strictest confidentiality and utmost urgency, and when repling ensure you use my ulternative E-mail address:

Have a nice day.

Yours faithfully, Mr. Ahmed Mallam Musa

Huge global bust nets Web scam artists
Updated: 05/23/2006 04:36:30 PM
Print Story

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - More than 2.8 million people in the U.S. paid to obtain credit cards, claim sweepstakes winnings and get in on lucrative investments that turned out to be too good to be true, officials said Tuesday as they announced hundreds of arrests in an international investigation.
Authorities in five countries have arrested 565 people in fraud schemes that netted more than $1 billion. Many of those arrested are west Africans who were attempting variations of the notorious Nigerian Internet scam, the Justice Department said.
Many of the victims were elderly or immigrants. One scam consisted of telephone calls to Spanish-speaking U.S. residents who were seeking to establish credit and were promised credit cards in return for a couple of hundred dollars. The cards didn't exist, said Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras.
"Those that prey on consumers know their vulnerabilities," Majoras said at a Justice Department news conference with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. "They zero in on those who will actually believe them."
The scams were carried out through telemarketing, mass mailings and the Internet and included bogus lottery, prize and sweepstakes offerings, invitations to pour money into nonexistent investments and supposedly legal enticements to avoid paying taxes, officials said.
In the Nigerian scam, criminals send junk e-mail to thousands of unsuspecting people offering them a share in a large fortune in exchange for a smaller amount of money up front. The con artist takes the money and then disappears.
Gonzales called the 14-month investigation, dubbed Operation Global Con, "the largest enforcement operation of its kind." It has so far resulted in 139 arrests and 61 convictions in the United States and another 426 arrests in Canada, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Spain.
Last week, Costa Rican and U.S. authorities made arrests in a telephone-based scam in which prospective victims received offers of up to $4.5 million from the Sweepstakes Security Commission and other fictitious organizations. The winners first had to pay "insurance fees." Some victims were contacted again, this time by people pretending to be customs officials who demanded additional payments, the department said.

On the Net:
Justice Department:
Federal Trade Commission:
Postal Inspection Service:

Look at the World of Nigerian Scams, from ABC News 20/20
*saw this ("I Go Chop Your Dollar"-a Nigerian Hit song about scamming "gullable" people of their money via e-mail) on Friday, December 8th of 2006

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" On the Trail of the Nigerian Scammers. (less) Added: January 13, 2007
Victims Still Falling Prey to Nigerian E-Mail Scam Wednesday, November 29, 2006 By Cassie Carothers (fox news)

Today (September 17th of 2007), I decided to e-mail 20/20 on a recent scam I decided to play along...


I wanted to follow-up on a series you did on "ABC News: Savvy Consumer: The Nightmare of Nigerian Letter Scams" (April 06')

Since a show like this was aired and reading this article on this show above online, I've been very careful of internet scams. I usually ignor it. Well, I decided to play "FBI"..more...


The site wouldn't allowed me to add more to this e-mail. I was going to e-mail them the copies of the e-mails and chats. Below are just some important details...

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 00:30:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "mimi mimi"
Subject: Hello Sal.......Good Morning.
To: "Alpha Omega"

" Hello Sal good morning how are you doing and i hope you had a very lovely night ? i just woke up and prayed for both of us.Well i jusy talked to the Cafe attendant yesterday and i showed her our Conversation not to worried that you will be lending me the $450 today so i could pay to have access to internet so right now am browsing on credit bases pending the time you get back to me that you have sent the fund today.Plz Sal dont put me into Shame,we are both Christians and we know what Shame means.i will also need your contact phone number so as soon as i get the call card i can give you a call to hear your voice.And i pray the lord will seek us through.And i want you to know that i will end my contract here this week and i will be free to come to the states anytime this weekend,so Sal give me chance to get to know you better so i can come to U,as you know i dont have anywhere going in the States.I like to know if I will be welcomed,so that I can come straight to you as soon as i am there ...but i will keep you posted on my arrival schedule and how its all going on here.
I wish you good day at work and i want you to know that Mimi is coming soon to treat you like a real King that you are.Till i read from you again,remain blessed and be fine.

Chat: mimi mimi has signed back in. (9/16/2007 3:15 PM)

mimi mimi: Sal will you be able to borow me the Money
ummalpha: I'll see what i can do
mimi mimi: i will refund the Money
ummalpha: what's your full name I need to send to?
mimi mimi: thats a promise
mimi mimi: i cant recieve the Money here cos i dont have an id
ummalpha: ok what name ?
mimi mimi: you can send it to the Managers (of Cyber Cafe)full name and address Sal
ummalpha: ok
mimi mimi: his full name is...JOHN OLUDARA
mimi mimi: let me check for his address hold on
ummalpha: oi
ummalpha: ok
mimi mimi: address.....20 COPPER ROAD,IKOYI
mimi mimi: LAGOS-NIGERIA
ummalpha: ok
ummalpha: any zip code?
mimi mimi: ZIPCODE...23401
mimi mimi: Thats all Sal
ummalpha: ok, I gotta go, i was supposed to be at a friend's house -keep in touch
mimi mimi: Sal i really want to get to know you better before i come over to you

As I was doing some re"search" on some info "she" gave me, I couldn't find any cafe of that address...see Cybercafes in Nigeria. I e-mailed 20/20 to see who I can contact for an investigation on this and see if there have been many people that have been fooled by similar e-mail/chats (using beautiful model pictures->elli.jpg) like these. I just want to prevent folks out there falling for these.

Sept 15th 3-4pm

ummalpha: who is eli?
ummalpha: or ellie?
ummalpha: each pic is titled it
mimi mimi: Yes ellie
mimi mimi: thats the cafe attendant that helped my scanned the pux here
mimi mimi: pix
mimi mimi: to thier PC
mimi mimi: and i saved them to my inbox
ummalpha: ok

Here is someone from myspace that directly e-mailed me. Her "name" is Anna Smith...

Aug 18, 2007 11:36 AM
Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ]
Subject: RE: Sal-yes, love to chat...RE: hi
" Thanks for dropping me a line ....I tried to Include in my profile that i was a missionary and travelled around but it wasnt accepted.Well I just got posted from london to a village in Africa called Nigeria,on my mission trip.I have travelled to several countries in my short time as a missionary and i have gathered different experiences and views about life. I joined the ministry and i work with the underpriviledged,orphanages,and motherless babies,and help to eradicate hiv/aids,and i equaly teach self esteem to sick kids....i will be getting home soon,finally, and i want to meet a soul mate who will be there for me at all times in life....Its my first time of doing this online thing,and i hope it works out for me.I resolved to this online dating stuff cos i have been burned before. i will be coming back home soon any way,say in some few weeks time but in the mean time i need a company, someone i can always communicate with while i am here cos i get bored most times after the days work then see where it goes from there. I will prefer we get to talk more on yahoo chat(angeljames000),write me as to when u will be online, so i can probably look for u and until then its goodbye and God bless, sincerely,
ann smith

Nigeria grapples with e-mail scams, Tuesday, 23 April, 2002, 11:00 GMT 12:00 UK
"Most often they say the money is the proceeds of an over-invoiced contracts, which is up for grabs once it is transferred abroad.
The deal is for their intended victim to facilitate the transfer of the money into a foreign bank account in return for millions of dollars. "

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*With God's help!

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