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African: Eritrean



  • CIA - The World Factbook -- Eritrea

  • "Eritrea currently hosts a UN peacekeeping operation that is monitoring a 25 km-wide Temporary Security Zone on the border with Ethiopia. An international commission, organized to resolve the border dispute, posted its findings in 2002. However, both parties have been unable to reach agreement on implementing the decision. In November 2006, the international commission informed Eritrea and Ethiopia they had one year to demarcate the border or the border demarcation would be based on coordinates."
  • U.S. Embassy Eritrean


  • Info Please

  • "Eritrea was formerly the northernmost province of Ethiopia and is about the size of Indiana. Much of the country is mountainous. Its narrow Red Sea coastal plain is one of the hottest and driest places in Africa. The cooler central highlands have fertile valleys that support agriculture. Eritrea is bordered by the Sudan on the north and west, the Red Sea on the north and east, and Ethiopia and Djibouti on the south."

  • Wikipedia

  • "Eritrea was consolidated into a colony by the Italian government on January 1, 1890.[1] Upon Italy's losses in World War II, Eritrea was ruled as a British protectorate between 1941 and 1952.[2] Following a UN plebiscite in 1950, a resolution 390 (V)[3] was adopted to have Eritrea enter into a federation with Ethiopia in 1952. Emperor Haile Selassie I, nevertheless annexed Eritrea as Ethiopia's 14th province in 1961 sparking the 30-year war that lasted from 1961 to 1991. Following a UN supervised referendum called UNOVER Eritrea declared- and gained international recognition for its independence in 1993.[4] Eritrea's constitution, adopted in 1997, stipulates that the state is a presidential republic with a unicameral parliamentary democracy. "


    Persecution in Eritrea

    "Personal Testimonies of those who have been or whose relatives have been persecuted for their faith in Eritrea"


  • Lonely Planet

  • "Landmines are a major problem, particularly in border regions with Ethiopia and the areas west, south and southeast of Barentu. Avoid travel along the Agordat-Hawashayt road and north of Afabet.
    The border with Ethiopia is permanently closed, and passage between the countries is not possible, while the border with Sudan is closed intermittently and has been subject to bomb attacks.
    Government permits are required by anyone wishing to travel outside Asmara. This can cause delays to travel plans and assistance."

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