Twin Cities Pet Expo 2007

We had a great time at the Pet Expo 2007 on February 17th and 18th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I would like to express my appreciation to all of the TCVESSA members for supporting rescue. TCVESSA paid for the booth, designed it and brought in more than $150. Thanks especially go to the TCVESSA members who were at the booth helping to educate the public on wonderful English Springer Spaniels and also about rescue: Kris Radermacher, Joan Beck, Julie Wilson, Krista Trempe, Shirley Harford, Ann Sunderman, Carmen Laing, and Cindy Myhre.

Joan Beck and CJ brought in $45 in donations Saturday morning by doing tricks such as answering the telephone and jumping on a boat after it has tipped over in the water. Kris Radermacher and Sweetie made over $106 by asking for donations to be placed in an Easter basket that Sweetie held in her mouth. The bunny ears and the Easter basket were precious.

Kris also brought beautiful pictures of ESSs and fostered ESSs to hang on display. Her gifts to the foster parents were the pictures she created. So far, I have received six applications from people in the metro area to adopt springers. This event has brought more attention to our orphaned springers and educated more people on good pet ownership than anything else that we have tried to do as a rescue group. Thank you so much for working so hard.

Besides thanking Sweetie and CJ, I would also like to thank Ann’s dog, Grace, Shirley’s dog, Aspen, and Carmen’s dog, Griffin, for volunteering at the booth. All of the springers were beautiful and wonderful examples of the breed.

Springer Bunny Sweetie

Clover Bunny

Lucy - Looking for a forever home.