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Breeders List:
Would you like to be included on the TCVESSA Breeders Referral List? The TCVESSA breeder list will be available via website and phone inquiries. In order to be listed, a breeder must be a member in good standing of TCVESSA and promise to abide by the ESSFTA dog breeding guidelines and standards of ethics.
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I am interested in:

Conformation Exhibition     Grooming Clinics     Rally Obedience     Hunting, Field Training/Competition    

Springer Rescue Work     Breeding & Pedigrees     Handling Clinics     Obedience Training/Exhibition    

Living & Caring for a Well Trained Pet     Therapy Dog or Service Dog work     Tracking     Fun Matches    

Agility Training/Exhibition     Health, Temperament, Genetics     Other, please describe    

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I understand that TCVESSA is an "all volunteer club" and it takes all members' willingness to help with activities in order to keep the club healthy. I am willing to donate at least 2 hours annually to the club in the following area(s):

Specialty Shows     Obedience Events     Board of Directors     Event Photography    

Fun Matches     Website     Newsletter     Ring Steward     Education Committee    

Sunshine Coordinator     Graphic Design     Hunt Tests/Working Dog Tests    

Bookkeeping/Archives     Awards/Trophies     Annual Banquet     Annual Banquet    

Other, please describe    

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Dues payments are due on or before January 1 each year. Memberships expire on April 1.

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