2007 Awards Banquet

Twin Cities Voyageur English Springer Spaniel Association

2007 Awards Banquet

If you missed the banquet, you missed a great time, cold outside, but wonderfully warm inside. Kudos to Kristin Radermacher for the amazing raffle, to Joan Beck for her artistic and detailed “academy award” Springer, to Cyndi Myhre, Ann Sunderman and Shirley Harford for the organization, execution and co-coordinating of all the remaining banquet details, and of course, the many “academy presenters”. Though I’m still sorry Russell Crowe didn’t show up as a presenter, or was it Mc Dreamy? Nevertheless, it was a fun night for all!

                           Best Dressed - Joan and Cliff                                      Banquet Committee                  

                                                                              A good time...

                                                                                   was had...

                                                                                   by all.

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