Variable Surface Tracking Seminar(VST)

Variable Surface Tracking Seminar (VST)

During the weekend of September 30 – October 1, TCVESSA sponsored an all breed tracking seminar. The weather was PERFECT (I guess sacrificing my appendix to the weather gods was worth it!! ~ almost), and we had a great turn out.We hosted 12 working teams – from ESS, Newfies, GSD’s, Brussels Griffons, a Boxer, a Sheltie, Bloodhounds and a Belgian Shepherd – quite the assortment.We also had three auditors. The dogs ranged from young puppies to accomplished tracking dogs and everyone did well, even the young pups had some success. Ed Presnall, as usual, put on a great seminar.We all learned so much, and he also offered to help the club get up and running to be able to offer tracking tests.

Kris and Waylon                                                 Shirley and Aspen