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Sivana & Sammie Simon
AKC Registered Shetland Sheepdogs

AKC Registered
Size: Medium (c.25 lbs.)
Born 07/09/10
Dad: Blue Merle
Mom: Tri

Sammie Simon
AKC Registered
Size: Small (c.15 lbs.)
Born 06/21/10
Passed Away 06/07/19
Dad: Blue Merle
Mom: Tri

Sivana and Sammie Simon, 01/02/11

We are not currently breeding.

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For Information About the Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie) Breed,

Is NOW the "right" time to get a puppy?

Prior to going to their new homes, our pups are vet checked, have their first set of shots, and preventative dewormer.

AKC registration papers will be provided to new owners at no additional cost. We do not limit AKC registrations. We do not require a spay/neuter contract.

All of our sheltie puppies sell for $400 each, regardless of gender or markings. A $150 deposit is required to hold a pup. Payment may be made by PayPal ("Send Money" to, cash, or money order (made payable to Jo Witt).

Deposit Policy: Names will be listed on our waiting list according to the order deposits are received. After paying a deposit, if for any reason you change your mind about wanting one of our pups, the deposit is fully refundable until the date the litter is born. After the litter is born, the deposit would not be refundable because after holding a pup for you, we would then incur additional expenses for a greater length of time as we search for a different buyer. We will only accept a maximum of four (4) advance deposits per litter. Should fewer than four pups be born in a litter, we will fully refund deposits to those whom we are unable to provide with a puppy. If a potential buyer has put down a deposit in advance for a certain gender of puppy and we are unable to provide the gender that was specified, the advance deposit would then be fully refunded.

NOTE: Those who pay advance deposits will have first pick of the litter in the order in which the deposits are received.

Shipping: Puppies can be flown at buyer's expense within the continental U.S. via Continental Airlines' PetSafe program for $300. (NOTE: breeder will NOT ship puppies outside the continental U.S.). The shipping cost includes airfare, kennel/carrier, USDA required health certificate, and my gas to and from the airport (2 1/2 hours each way). Breeder makes flight arrangements, while working with buyer to coordinate schedules.

Delivery Policy: Puppies are expected to be picked up or shipped to new buyers within a reasonable amount of time. A "reasonable amount of time" is defined as within one week of the puppy turning 8 weeks old, or if puppy is past 8 weeks of age at the time of sale puppy should be picked up or flown within one week of the date of sale. Expenses incurred by breeder beyond this "reasonable amount of time" definition will be the responsibility of the buyer. This especially includes any shots that come due after the defined "reasonable amount of time." Failure to maintain communication with breeder as to pick up or ship date may result in cancellation of sale and forfeiture of deposit.

Breeder reserves the right to screen potential buyers and to refuse any sale.


Lucky & Lucy
AKC Registered Sable & White Shetland Sheepdogs

AKC Registered
Sable & White
Size: Medium (22.5 lbs.)
Born 06/09/03;
Passed Away 07/26/10

AKC Registered
Sable & White
Size: Medium (26.5 lbs.)
Born 05/19/03;
Retired 09/25/08
Passed Away 03/23/16

We discontinued breeding Lucky and Lucy
As of 09/25/08.

07/26/10: It is with regret that we announce the passing of our beloved sheltie Lucky due to complications following being poisoned by Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Drops.

In our quest to find new breeding shelties, we encountered sheltie breeders who concerned us. Click here to learn more:

Puppy Buyers Beware

To view our previous sheltie litters, click on the buttons below:

The "Perfect" Puppy - Commentary

Our shelties and chow chow are part of our family, well loved and very socialized. We have a large fenced yard for our dogs to freely run and play in, and our dogs have access to dog houses and our garage. In our garage is a fenced off area with an insulated, heated nesting box for Lucy's pups; however, her winter litters have typically spent most of their upbringing inside our home. Sabra has a separate, two-room house for raising her pups. Our dogs frequently visit inside our home for love and play with our family. None of our dogs or puppies are kenneled.

Lucky & Lucy

For More Information, Please Contact:

Jo Witt
Kandiyohi, MN 56251

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