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Welcome to the Pokegirl World Project. Here is where you'll find numerous pages on the fascinating (and sometimes sinctillating) world of Pokegirls.

For the newcomers to this genre, please look at the "What Is A Pokegirl?" page before even thinking of reading anything else. After that, I recommend the Pokegirl Primer for explanations concerning the Pokegirl World. If you still haven't fled in terror and you're of a proper age, feel free to browse the other areas.

Last Update: Fixed some glaring issues with the Pokedex entries, namely the Ophanim, Mimicall and Mileeboro lacking their header line, broken links in the Cherry entry, the Fallen Angel lacking mention of the Ophanim evolution, missing links in the Megami entry, etc. I'll be doing another update soon, but in the meantime, if you find broken or missing links, or entries out of place, shoot me a PM at the pokecenter. Spam has become rampant in my e-mail, so I might miss it otherwise. Besides, you should have an account there anyway! :P

Previous Updates: POKEDEX UPDATE, BABY! WOOOOOOOOO! After two years, the Pokedex is FINALLY MOSTLY updated. (I'm covering my bases since a number of revised pokegirls are ready to pounce). You can go here to see the new Master Index.
Creitros was kind enough to allow me to post his SQL version of the 'dex, which you can download using this link
Richboywinston also revised his first chapter of Whore-Enn League. Also added Blake's The Tale of Tail Ranch - Chapter 1 & 2

One of the new back up sites is here. You have to sign up to see anything. :/ You can now return to Pokegirl.org, though the format is different.
Added another three chapters of HBL's Field Research.
Added HunterBlackLuna's "Field Research" chapters 1-5. Added Chapters 17-20 of Macross Green's Ruby Journeys to the Stories section. 9-09-2008 update: added Chapters 1-15 of BK Geno's "Son of the Dragoness".

A sexy flash game now available

Previous Updates: Revised version of Chapter 4 of Chaumeister's story "Fight For Life: Chaos Style; Special Edition: Hell is named Pokegirl". Fixed the link to Chapter 1 of Macross Green's Breeder Beginnings and added Chapter 2. The berries page has been updated somewhat to clear away the tripe about Pokeblocks. Some of the berries were salvaged and altered, because they have further use, though. Added a link to the new Podcast page and to the Pokegirl.org site. You can find me intermittently on the Pokegirl.org site's chatroom, read stories that aren't here or on the Yahoo site, leave a review for stories and even post your own stories for review (though note that it may take some time to get a response (ask in the chatroom if you'd to get a quicker response) and try to be constructive towards new writers or you'll get banned), etc. You do need to sign up for an account with the Pokegirl.org site though.

Previous Updates are here.

Pokegirl World Information
What Is A Pokegirl?
Through The Looking Glass
The Pokegirl World Pokedex The Pokegirl World Leagues
Pokegirl Stories
Pokegirl Primer Pokegirl History
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Brief Rundown of what IS and ISN'T important to read prior to posting:
What Is A Pokegirl - It's a VERY good idea if you took a look.
Furthermore - Further explanations. This one will continually expand as things need to be explained or rationalized.
The Pokegirl World Pokedex - You definitely should take a gander at it before trying to make any pokegirls.
Pokegirl World Leagues - Eh, not entirely important.
Pokegirl Stories - The works of those who've been working hard to keep this world alive.
Pokegirl Primer - MUST READ if you're going to write in the PG world.
Pokegirl History - Extracted from the Primer. A good quick reference if you wanted to mention something in the past.
Pokegirl Gallery - Not essential, but these are how some see the various pokegirls.
Pokegirls Miscellanius Information - Writers DEFINITELY need to look at the various contents. Posters to the Yahoo group should take a gander. Everyone else can feel free to shrug indifferently.
Links - Includes links to various PG-related sites and places I and the Yahoo Group folks like.
Basic Fighting - Writers who struggle with words about fighting will want to watch this section grow. Helpers are wanted.
Story Ideas - Writers who can't think of anything will want to see this section.

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