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So That They All Can Rest In Peace

In my search to bring our cousin home I have been blessed to find many helpful and informative sites and been in contact with many wonderful people.

I am providing a list here for you.† Please keep in mind that this list is not a complete one.† The sites I have included were the most helpful to me and my search.† Some of them are on Josephís page so please excuse the redundancy.† I just wanted to list them and give a brief blurb about each of them.† The sites are in no particular order.† If a site isnít listed I am not saying itís not good enough for my list.† I just may not have seen it.† If you have come across a site that was helpful or informative let me know and Iíll add it to the list.

If we all educate ourselves and work together to get the word out we can make a difference.

Letís bring them Home


MIA Hunters: A Non-Profit organization involved with bringing MIA/POWs from all over the world home including our cousin Joseph. Check out our Press Release.

Pacific Wrecks: Jason and his bunch have worked hard on this site.† There are tons of pictures and stories of recovery.

Operation Just Cause: Adopt a POW/MIA. Lots of links and help with building a web page

JPAC/CIL: ďJoint POW/MIA Accounting Command/Central Identification LaboratoryĒ Search, Recovery, and Identification of Remains.

WWII Links: Lots of links, Still under construction.† At this time there is no database for WWII POW/MIAs like there is for later wars.† So research is hard.† But donít give up.

The WWW Search engine for Vets: It is what it says.

POW/MIA Freedom Fighters: Non-Profit organization dedicated to getting information out to bring our Heroes home!† They have lots of links to help you get involved, search for information, or just look at other Honor pages.

POW Network, Task Force Omega, Scope Systems: Lists of POW/MIAs, Bioís, Debunking fakes, and much more.

Click HERE for information on Internet Blackout Day

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