Here is a good sampling of my artwork, both professional pieces and things done for my own amusement.
If you wish to commission me for a project, I am open to discussion.
I will gladly do graphic design work, webpage design, logos, character designs,
animated icons, photo-manips, and custom My Little Ponies for professional fees.
My contact info is all contained in The Fireplace.
E-mail or IM me to discuss options.

It has come to my attention that sometimes when users click on the picture links to deviant art, that the page comes up,
but the picture it self does not. All you have to do is click on the little magnifying glass icon that says
"Download Deviation" or "Full-View Deviation". That should bring the pic up.
Until I find alternative storage space, I have to use devart, however.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Custom Work

Work specifically requested by other people. Also sketches done by other artists that I have coloured and/or photoshopped in some way either as a gift or at their request.


Work done for Dreamtime Studios. I am the pencil artist, layout artist, and inker for one of their series, called Lightmoon. Also a few drawings dome for their other series, One Girl Army.

Fruits Basket

An anime that my little friend Misty got me into. I adore Ayame and Kyo beyond all reason. However, having only seen the anime and not having read the manga, I was quite upset that out of twelve zodiac signs, only two were left out and one of them happened to be mine! So there's a few OCs in here of zodiac members for The Horse and The Rooster who have *nothing* to do with their manga counterparts.

Gargoyles Fan Art

I spent the better part of my college and high school dyas obsessed with the Disney-produced tv series Garoyles. As such, I asl drew them rather excessively and here is what I have to show for. You'll see very few of the actual characters from the show here, however, since I preferred to make up my own gargs.

Harry Potter Fan Art

My main RPG at the moment is a Harry Potter-based one. One of my OCs is Samantha Snape, cousin to Severus, so you'll find alot of her here. Will be adding more stuff as my time allows.

Lord of the Rings Fan Art

My all-consuming obsession (at least for now). Drawings both serious and silly and occasionally slashy.


My Little Ponies Art and Customs

Recent obsession, but thanks to the My Little Pony Trading Post, I have learned of things called adoptables and customs.


Notre Dame de Paris Fan Art

Another long-standing obsession, both with Quasimodo and with Claude Frollo. Fan art for both them and for my fan fictions about them.

Other/Miscellaneous Art

Fandoms that don't have enough to require there own gallery, original art, and various other bits and bobs. Star Wars, X-Men, Dungeons and Dragons, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Phantom of the Opera Phan Art

Yes, I had to spell it with a "ph". My longest obsession to date, which has recently been rekindled thanks to the new movie. Erik has been my love affair since I was thirteen and it hasn't abated since (though my idea of his has matured, thank god).

School and Professional Work

Projects done either for a grade or for money (not including work for Dreamtime since that has its own category).

Velvet Rose

My alter ego in all her various incarnations.


Stuff I do when I'm bored or for LJ purposes.

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