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Anisohedral Tilings Page

This page is about tiling or tessellating the plane with anisohedral tiles. I do include one page about isohedral tilings. If you would like to know what anything means, you can go to the explainations page.

Most of the anisohedral tiles that have been found are 2-anisohedral. Here is one criterion for a (usually) 2-anisohedral tile. You can see a summary of the 2-anisohedral tilings that I have classified. I have included the first 3-anisohedral and 4-anisohedral tilings that were discovered. Joseph Myers' webpage shows many more anisohedral tilings, sorted into what order anisohedral tiling they are. Just recently, (May 21, 2002) he and I discovered a tile that is unbalanced.

If you know of any other anisohedral tilings, please tell me! Or if I have not given proper credit, let me know. See the bibliography for references of where my information came from.

In addition I have some applets and more about math and other interests of mine. I also enjoy ambigrams.

Also here are some of my FAVORITE BIBLE VERSES.

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