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Welcome to the Unofficial Pokémon League

11-5-2004 Just updading so Angelfire won't off the site... :\
POKéFONT v1.00!
5-6-2002 Yeah, we have a new font! Instead of letters, there are Pokémon. There's a different Pokémon for each upper- and lower-case letter (ie "A" is Arbok and "a" is Ampharos, while "D" is Dragonair and "d" is Ditto.) There are 50 different Pokémon in all, and there are also the card game attack Energy symbols (Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, Colorless, Dark, Steel) and a Poké Ball. Later, we'll add more (this is only v1.00) and then you can get the update here.
TO DOWNLOAD & INSTALL: Right-click the following link, then click "Save Target As..." and put it in your "C:\Windows\Fonts" folder.
pokefont.ttf (63k)
3-12-2002 NEVER use this code! It DESTROYS your data! All of it! I used it accidentally on my sister's Crystal version, and I feel horrible. I was trying to use the Gold/Silver "change time" code, and I hit UP+SELECT+B at the title screen. It said "Clear saved data?" and I freaked out and hit YES by mistake! All of her data was destroyed, including her prized Lv 100 Mr. Mewtwo and her other Pokémon (130+) Please be careful!
Blue Self (sitting) - This rat is blue, with white underparts. Blue rats are actually a bluish-gray color.
Name: Rattata
Gender: Male
Born: 2-22-02
Owner: Big Ditta

Got questions or comments for the UPL? Give 'em to Ditto here, he ought to get them to us... unless he eats them first, of course!

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