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2002 Course Schedule

1st Semester

English 101 - concert reviews
Photography - concert pix & more
Choir - lyrics
Computer - links
History - how it all began
Study Hall - help the Wilkinsons

2nd Semester

Newspaper - breaking news
Speech - quotes
Video Production - tv appearances
Modern Art - graphics
Band - bios
Geography - tour dates

Around the Building

Morning Announcements - updates
Lunchroom - talk to other fans
Your Locker - email pals
Principal's Office - about me
Library - magazine articles
Trophy Case - awards
Bulletin Board - trading post
Field Trip - concert info
The Yearbook - fan pix

















Hello fellow Wilkinson fans and welcome to the summer session of Wilkinson High. Hope everyone gets a chance to catch the Wilkinsons on either their Canadian tour. Feel free to submit any pics, concert reviews, graphics, quotes, im sn's, or anything for the site.

Wilkinson High

Please stop and sign the guestbook, it'd mean a lot to me. Thanks :0)

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