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Bluffer's Episodes

The following are a list of all Bluffers episodes that I know about. Please note that I got this information from multiple sources and may not be correct. The lyrics for the songs I got by listening to the songs and writing out the words I heard (less chance of being correct).
The episodes are grouped into movies (that can be found on the net). Some episodes have their own movie or are on more then one tape. These have a little asterisk beside them (*). Each episode is about 25 minutes long and contains two songs.
If you notice something is wrong or would like to add some information please contact me at teddy0bear.

The Bluffers Theme Song

You're just a bluffer, a candle snuffer,
Can't get enough of your dreams
A half a buffer, a pillow stuffer
You're bound to suffer it seems
Your head is full of steam -
To turn the world around.
But all your fancy dreams
Are from the lost and found
Are from the lost and found

The Bluffers

In the Present of Time

In this episode we discover that it is Clandestino's birthday, February 29. Clandestino is quite upset because it only "officially" comes every four years and he really enjoys the party with the fireworks. So, he decided to freeze time (ie gets Silicon to do it) so every day is his birthday. He also says that Silicon can have his first day off the next day.
Meanwhile the bluffers are in quite a shocked state at the sight of fireworks. They hate the noise and want it to stop. Zok informs the Bluffers that Silicon/Clandestino has stopped time and if they want to stop the fireworks they have to start time again. Amazingly all they have to do to get time running again is to move the hands of the clock forward (amazing!).
Needless to say the bluffers accomplish their task. When this happens, Clandestino orders Silicon to stop time again but Silicon has a day off so he can't do anything about it.

In the Present of Time?
Song: Time Time
Sung by: ???

Time time tick-tock time
Time time tick tock time
It hasnít a reasonable rhyme

Now is now but it canít last
It goes so fast I quiver.
My present soon is in the past
It flows just like a river
And If I say this is today
What will it be tomorrow?
Time is something we canít buy
Or steal or peg or borrow

Time, time tick-tock time
It hasnít a reason to rhyme time
Tick tock time it hasnít a reason to rhyme .

The future is way at the end of this song
I still have not quite reached it
But when Iíve sung the futures past
Its gone before Iíve teached it

Time time tick tock time
It hasnít a reasonable rhyme
Time Tick tock time
Time time tick tock time
Tiiiiime tiiiime

Song: I Can't Complain
Sung by: Glumm

So many youíre but sing and prance
Living the world of romance
You eat a at your bones and lay up your self
While I sip a bowl of your milk

Thereís running jumping to do
And barking the whole way though
There are plenty of cats to chase over hills
But I stay at home with the chills.

I canít complain I canít complain
Or I get hit in the rear if I do
I canít complain I canít complainÖ
Iíd be siting here if I do.

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Friendship is Sinking

In this episode Glumm is tired of the way Clandestino treats him. He gets very upset and decides to seek revenge by stealing the keys to "the secret" and giving them to the Bluffers.
Glumm decides to hide the keys in the forest first because he is not sure if the Bluffers will like him and take him in. When he goes and talks to the Bluffers, and tells them that he has the keys, the Bluffers believe that Glumm is trying to trick them and decided not to trust him. Glumm is very sad but one Bluffer, Blossom, believes in and makes friends with him.
In the end, Glumm takes the keys back to Clandestino but the Bluffers seem to trust him more.

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Where on Earth are We?

In this episode Clandestino decides to pave away some of the forest to make a parking lot. The Bluffers, fearing for their home, decided to mis-lead the bulldozers. In the mean time they decided to make a map of Bluffonia using a piece of paper torn from the book of all knowledge. Their mapping skills are a little rusty and it takes them a little while to figure out how to make a map but eventually they get the hang of it with some minor modifications such as using snake lengths to do the measuring.

Songs in Where on Earth are we?
Song: Geography

Longitute, Latitude,
Round and round merridian.

(more to come)

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Mystery of Clandestino's Castle

In a Satellite State
Clandestino makes a radio broadcaste.

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Down with Gravity
The Bluffers make a plan to get the secret of getting it all only the forces of nature put a stop to it.

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Is Friendship Sinking?(click to go to information)

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Digging Archaeology
Clandestino ends up destroying his own castle after following a mysterious treasure map.

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Over the Bio Brick Road(click to go to information)


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Robots, Rainbows, Magic and Mystery

Follow the Bio Brick Road

This is probably the most well-remembered episode. In this one Clandestino decides to build a road out of these magical bio-bricks that can grow and create roads on their own. Unfortunately for Honey Boy he gets in the roads way and gets buried by the bricks. Eventually, Zip and the other Bluffers not only notice that Honey Boy is missing but there is a big bear head shaped lump in the middle of the road.

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Evolution Isn't What it Used to Be

Clandesteno starts playing with evolution and the Bluffers try and combat it with their own "evolution soup".

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Over Bluffoonia in my Ballon

In this episode Clandestino develops a devil dust power and delivers it to the forest of Bluffonia first by handfuls then using his Clandestino faced rockets. This powder makes the leaves on the trees fall of as well as gives the Bluffers a serious case of the sneezes. The bluffers turn to Zok for some advice on what to do with all the leaves. Zok suggests clearing away all the "Where bluffers hoffers and puffers so will puff and puff the leaves away". After trying this Zip realises that it probably isn't the best idea. With a little help from Sharpy, Zip comes up with the idea of making a balloon out of leaves (and hot air from the local volcano) and flying it to Clandestino's castle to stop him. While they're busy making the balloon back at Clandestino's castle Clandestino is making "Yucky Guk" a solution according to the only dog/guinea pig Glumm makes fur fall off (and that was only with half the ingredients).
The Bluffers finally arrive at the castle and realise that they are sinking so they throw off some cargo at Clandestino. Clandestino is quite worried that they're through ammo as big as melons, then he realises that they are melons and gets clobbered. Clandestino orders them to be shot down and next thing you know Zip, Prickly Pine and Psycho are behind bars while Clandestino is adding the last ingredients to his Yucky Guk. Zip is chosen as Clandestino's first victim as Prickly Pine works at getting Psycho un-tied. Once Psycho gets untied both him and Prickly Pine rescue Zip and escape from the castle. Silicon and Glumm are ordered after them but Glumm trips Silicon and lets the bluffers escape.
Back at their forest hang-out Zip says that he never wants to fly again and everyone agrees that Ballooning over Bluffoonia is a bad idea.