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Links to More Dive Information

I am very picky about the sights I include. Come back and visit them all as you have time.

(The material accessed from this page is not the copyrighted propery of Don Crawford.)

Other Dive Sights

News, Trips and Gear
For New or Potential Divers
Undercurrent - Lots of information
Dive Girl Magazine (For the girls) Great stuff for the guys too.
Rodale's Scuba Diving (magazine)
Sport Diver (magazine)
DUI Drysuits
Underwater Cameras and Housings (includes Video stuff)
A Very Interesting Sight on Sea Turtles (must see)
D.A.N. Divers Alert Network
Smith Diving, Good equipment, Good advise (In Fridley MN)
Cozumel Dive Shop List & Much More!
Bottle Collectors Click Here !
Pictures courtesy of Aldora Divers Cozumel (Educational)
Going Under Dive Center (Osseo MN) Technical Training
More dive stuff than you can shake a stick at. Believe me!
Women in Scuba
Information on Playa del Carmen and the Yucatan Pennisula (great info, best I've seen)

Technical Sights

NSS-CDS Homepage (cave diving)
Yucatech Expeditions Cozumel (cave & cavern)
Cave Diving Homepage
SS. Tahoe (follow the team as they do these record setting dives)

Some Dive Sights

Apostle Islands Lake Superior