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For Case Law

Federal   My favorite way to find a case decided by a U.S. circuit court.

State   My favorite way to find a case decided by a state appellate court.

Supremes   You can watch them from here.

For Lawyers, Guns and Money

ACLU   "A Left."

American Center for Law and Justice   "A right."

Becket Fund   "Another Right." (A left to the body, and into a gas station.) (See, Firesign Theater, "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye.")   Tours & Tickets & News.

Pagel's boblinks   The best boblinks.

Beyond Belief  The Elvis Costello Newsletter.

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights  Remember that kid who always tried to pick a fight with you on the playground ... and then cried when you finally gave him one? He probably grew up to hate the Catholic League.

The Original Unofficial Steve Earle   Complete, deep and current.

E-Squared Records   The house that Earle built.

First Amendment Cyber-Tribune   Take a look at the primary source material collected by the Casper Star-Tribune's Charles Levendosky.

Freedom Forum   Nonpartisan church-state battle reports.

Georgetown RFRA Conference papers   Don't fear the RFRAs.

Prof. Marci Hamilton   Fear the RFRAs.

Institute for Justice   Libertarian.

Law, Religion, and the Moral Order   Resources related to the ABA Public Education Division's 1999 Higher Education Conference.

White House Executive Order 13007   Says, avoid trashing Indian Sacred Sites (to the extent practicable) (as permitted by law) (if not trashing is not inconsistent with essential agency functions) (but still).

For Everything Else