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 Welcome to my site on the major buildings of downtown Minneapolis. I created
 this site with two goals in mind:
1. I want to provide large, varied, and unique high-resolution photographs of the buildings.  Unfortunately, this causes long download times, unless you are fortunate enough to have broadband access. It should be tolerable with 56k.  If you're using 28.8, get a book or a newspaper to read while the pictures load.  Currently, each building page contains two to four images.  After those are finished loading, you may click on any image to immediately see it full-size.
2. Since this is a personal web page, you will get my opinions.  I readily admit that I have no formal qualifications whatsoever to judge the aesthetics of any work of architecture.  I do, however, care deeply for my hometown, and I would like to use this forum to tip my hat to those who have made it one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as to scold those who have thoughtlessly blighted our urban landscape with towering eyesores.  I will also comment on the function of the buildings from my experience as a delivery guy.  Did the designers remember me when they created these towers?  Or were they just trying to please executives and bean-counters?  Surf on to find out.