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250 S. 5th St - 416 feet - 26 floors - 1931

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This is not a public building.  It is the only real skyscraper in downtown that is completely off-limits to anyone who is not employed by or doing business with the phone company.  The skyway system connects to the newer, western half of the complex, but only around the perimeter; then it's off to the next building.  Even delivery people cannot access the floors.  Security will call the consignee, who has to stop whatever business it is that they are conducting at the moment and descend to the entrance for their package.  Delivery guys hate this - we like to do things ourselves.  I'm sure the workers don't like it much either, but that's just the way it is with the phone company, and that's too bad. 

I have found a way to get past security.  I can go in through the filthy old loading dock.  They have a guard posted there, too, but after finishing my business in the mailroom, I'm free to explore.  The elevator lobby in the tower is really cool.  It is filled with very lively geometric brass ornamentation that is unlike anything else downtown.  Of course, it's purpose is almost completely wasted, since relatively few people get the chance to appreciate it.