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 90 S. 7th St. - 773 feet - 57 floors - 1988

The Nowest Center was originally designed to far exceed the height of the IDS.  An uncertain real estate market caused the developer to scale the project down to its current height, two feet shorter than its big blue neighbor.  I like tall buildings - the taller the better.  However, in this instance, I'll take what we have, which is arguably the best looking skyscraper outside of New York City.  A photo of Cesar Pelli with a model of the original design can be found on James Lileks' excellent site here.  

So why is the Norwest merely inches shorter than the IDS?  I remember hearing at the time that Pelli's redesign was actually a few feet taller, and was then modified again to its final height.  I guess they figured it was the decent thing to do.

The lobby is a bit unwelcoming.  It tries to impress upon visitors the bank's stability and permanence.  In Minneapolis, only Lakewood Cemetery has more stone.  It is about as lively, too.

A nice touch - the Rest Room stick people get old style hats.
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Interior               8