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Four People See Bigfoot Lurking Behind A tree

WHERE: Near Elk Falls, Kansas

WHEN: Summer, 1977

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: In 1977, While visiting my parents in the small southeastern town of Elk Falls Kansas. Myself, my Sister, her husband and my girlfriend decided to go fourwheeling north of highway 160 along the old river road. We ended up in a wooded area about 30 yards from the river itself. It had been rainy that week so needless to say, I got the truck stuck after about twenty minutes. I got out to lock in the hubs and give the girls a hard time, as they chose to ride in the bed instead of inside the truck. My sister acted strange as I did this and kept looking back toward the river to the west. I got the hubs locked in and got back in the truck and began to slowly pull toward the path to the river road. I had moved about 10 feet when Judi (my Sister) knocked on the back window and said "Back up a few feet and tell me what you see".... Her husband and I looked at each other like she was crazy. We had just been stopped and she had said nothing. But I backed up and looked toward the river. Standing at the rivers edge was something I'd never seen before and have never seen since. It looked to be between 7-8 feet tall ,covered with redish brown hair and was just standing there watching us from behind a small tree. Obviously, it was going to stand there as long as I was going to sit there so, I chose to leave. Through the years I've talked to other people in the area who had seen it that summer, but most said they didnt tell anyone because they would think they were crazy. The town also had a "Pack of wild dogs" come through town that summer killing Large dogs and other animals. No one saw the pack, but that had to be what was doing it..........What else would rip a German Shepard to shreds? I'm nearing 50 years old now, and I still see that thing standing there. Just watching.

ALSO NOTICED: My Sister said the only movement it made was moving its arm around and griping the tree.That's when she knocked on the window of the truck. While I watched it there was no movement at all. It appeared to just be watching us. After that for about 5 years the townfolk would come up and ask us about the experience. Some of them would then, tell us about their encounters. One old man told my father he was in his home one night, and heard a what sounded like a group of dogs with something cornered. This was at the time the story of the "Pack of wild dogs" was going around so he took his rifle and went to see what was goin on. He said he started down the road and could see the dogs in the distance. As he approached the animals he said one large dog literally flew out of the darkness into the road. At the same time he said he heard the strangest scream he had ever heard. His words were "I've lived here for 75 years. I've heard every animal that lives in this part of the country, but I've never heard such a sound in my life. He then said, "It scared him so bad he turned and rushed home without looking back. He said the dogs finally disbursed, and the road again got quiet. These kind of stories helped Judi and I, as My father thought we were both crazy. My parents have both passed away, So I havent spent any time at Elk Falls for about ten years. I dont know if anyone has had any sightings lately or not. I know one thing, we saw something, and so did other townsfolk. It wasnt a guy in suit, It wasnt a bear, and it sure as hell wasnt my imagination !! After writing you the first letter I recalled that, the night before Judi and I saw the creature, I had been on the river road about nightfall, cruisin on my dirtbike....Still gives me chills!!