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Photographs of Contrail-Chemtrails Over Manitoba

January 2001--A--10000 feet

January 2001--B--10000 feet--What are those two objects on the body under the front of the tail?

October 08, 2000--All day Trails-8am til 7pm

Aircraft and trails at low altitude..15,000 feet, Sept., 2000

June 02, 2000-Trails in the afternoon and evening.

April-2000-Trails over Southern Manitoba-Portage.

April 29, 2000-Trails and Xs east of Portage


April 29, 2000-3 types of trails. Right-new, left-earlier trails spreading out and center dashed or intermitent.

April 28, 2000-Photo of 2 aircraft. One without trail and the other with a trail

April 26, 2000-Trail over Portage at a low altitude of 6-7000 feet


April 26, 2000--Trail directly overhead

April 23, 2000 --Trails over Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba-NE of Portage


April 23, 2000--Satellite image of trails over Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

March 10, 2000- A Horizon to Horizon Trail

CHEMBOW-March 05, 2000-Clear blue sky.Single short trail balloned into a cloud-like formation..

Feb. 11, 2000- Trails over Manitoba


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