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Welcome to the JMWeb Design Company Homepage. We are your source for unique and convenient web design. JMWeb specializes in building sites for small businesses and personal sites, but we will gladly accept other offers. For more information, E-mail us at our personal addresses: Mike or Jay, or at the company address.

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Reasons to choose JMWeb --

  1. JMWeb Design is reliable and trustworthy.
  2. Quality design for personal and business needs.
  3. A great way to get started on the World Wide Web.

JMWeb Design Samples

The Link Connection, our personal homepage.
Alien Resources, a small business

Steps to a great Homepage

  1. Client contacts JMWeb Design
  2. By way of E-mail, instant message, or phone the client and a JMWeb representative discuss site ideas, purpose of site, layouts, and other appearance-related topics
  3. JMWeb creates first draft of web page
  4. Revisions are made, according to client input
  5. Final edition of page is uploaded to server
  6. Post-creation updates are made when needed
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