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How water can heal

Water has been here, a gift to us since the beginning of time. Many of us take water for granted, never realizing its healing properties, nor honoring its sacredness. We all have heard how we should drink 8 to 10 glasses a day. Some think, that is alot, but if you actually counted how much liquid you do put into you per day, soda, juice, tea, coffee etc., you would find that you really wouldn't have a problem getting down at least that amount if you substituted it with water. Actually it has been proven that we really should drink 2 quarts of water minimum for optimal health.

Not only does water help you to lose weight, by washing out excess fats from your system, but it also helps wash away harmful toxins we consume in the foods we eat.

Lets talk about water therapy. This is something I have found to work in wonderous ways. If you are upset, stressed, or sick, you can stand in a hot shower, and wash your frustrations, sickness or woes away. If you are ill, picture your sickness, the germs and disease or infection, washing down from the top of your head all the way to your toes and down the drain. If you are stressed, stand with your back facing the shower head. Tilt your head back just far enough so that the water is running down right at the top of your forehead line, then slowly move your head foward, letting the water hit the top of your head, then slowly to the back of your head, to the base of your skull, down your neck, to your spinal column, all the way down, slowly, each vertebrae, down to your buttocks, your legs, calves and feet. All of this is done in a slow motion, as the water passes each point, you will feel a tingling, or energy sensation. This sensation is unblocking most of your chakras, releasing tension, balancing and nourishing your body. If you still feel out of whack, repeat again, slowly. Let the water massage you, heal you, nurture you.

Sometimes when you are upset, you cry in the shower, at least I do, its my sanctuary. I let my tears and sadness wash down the drain. By the time my shower is through, my stress is gone, and so is my sadness. Its at this time you can face and logically handle the situation that made you sad. Water has a way of enveloping us into its spirit, like our mothers arms, warm and loving, water caresses us, cradles us within its power.

If you are overweight and trying to lose. Drink water, 2 glasses one half hour before a meal. Its not going to just fill you up and make you eat less, its actually going to help with the digestion of your food. When we don't drink water before our meals, our bodies take the liquid we already had stored inside us, to process our food and we get dehydrated to a point and all backs up. By drinking the water ahead of time it makes for a speedy digestion.

People have claimed water has cured them in miraculous ways. Others bless themselves with this holy water, children are baptized. Miracles have been performed at different places such as Lourdes. Churches use holy water, houses are blessed with it. Different cultures look to water for sacred purposes be it healing or spiritual.

Here are some pictures of frozen water from a study done by Masaru Emoto, Doctor of Alternative Medicine out of the I.H.M. General Research Institute in Japan, that I found extremley interesting.

This picture is one of pure water

This picture is one of polluted water

This picture is one where the jar of water was shown the picture of Mother Teresa

This picture is one where another was shown a picture of Hitler

This picture is one where the words "thankyou" were written on the jar of water

This picture is one where he wrote the words "You make me sick, I will kill you" were written

This is water after a prayer was said over it

This is water after playing heavy metal music

And this is water before and after prayer... amazing isn't it?

All living things are created with energy. Water is a great source for energy. The spirit of the water has no bounds to its healing and therapeutic uses. Honor the water spirit, as rain drops fall to the earth, honor the lakes and rivers and oceans, honor the waters spirit as you bathe or shower each day, and give thanks for each glass of water you drink.

If you would like to read more on waters healing values there is a wonderful book I have read called "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" by F.Batmanghelidij, MD. It speaks of many topics.. Dyspeptic Pain, Colitis, False Appendicitis Pain, Lower back pain, Hiatus, Hernia, Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain, Neck, Anginal,headaches,stress and depression, dehydration,high blood pressure, blood cholesterol,excess body weight,athsma, allergies, Diabetes,AIDS,sleeping,fainting,heart attacks. You can also read some and maybe order the book at the website:

If you are interested in the book about water crystals as shown above in the pictures, you can visit Dr. Emoto's site and order his books there. The books are called "Messages from Water", it is written in Japanese, with small print english on the opposite page. The books are beautifully done, with glossy pages and pictures on every page. The link to his site is below.

I am not associated with the authors or have anything to do with these sites or the promotion of them. I have only read Dr. Emoto and Dr.Batmanghelidj's books and thought it was wonderful in treating illnesses and diseases naturally. And so I pass it on to you in hopes it will help you to heal body, mind and spirit.

Love, healing & blessings,


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