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Love one another as much as there are many stars in the night sky.. for this is the love of our Creator.

Welcome to the Healing Angel

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Introduction: A Little Bit about me

My name is Denise, I am happilly married to my husband Jim for 25 years now and mother to two wonderful grown children living here in the quaint lakeside town of New Fairfield, Connecticut.

Since I was a young child at the age of 6, I had what people call "gifts". I called them the "knowings". I knew things that others didn't. I heard voices from heaven and thought everyone else did. The angels and God would come to me and tell me when people were to die, as a small child, I thought I was responsible for their death. I would pray and ask, isn't there anything I can do? I couldn't handle knowing people were to die, and so I cried my self to sleep each night and asked God to take this power away from me. I told him I wanted to help people. And so, he gave me another gift instead, the gift of helping people to heal, prophecy and comunicating with spirits and angels around me, I basically have become one of Gods messengers it seems. I was told to keep a very special book of Gods messages, as I was told I am the Healer of Souls. Sometimes during the day or even at night, I am visited and showed or told many things. These things I am to spread to the world and so here I am.

I once was visited by Mother Teresa, she sent me a message as she sat there in my family room on the chair in front of the fireplace. She was a small woman, so small and wrinkley, but so beautiful and peaceful. She told me I am needed to help people to heal. She said "They need you". I cried, at the miracle of seeing this vision and hearing her words. I told her, I am trying, but I don't know what else to do to reach them. She smiled at me and then she left.

My purpose here is not to convince you of what I do, or what I know, see or hear. It is to help you and those you love to heal in body, mind and spirit. To help each one of you to find and feel your soul and all the love and miracles it holds.

It is my dream is to continue touching as many of your lives as possible. If you have cancer, or any other disease, you might want to read a few things on my site before you choose your therapy. There are many ways to heal, there are many healers out there just waiting to help you. Don't be afraid to ask and explore, as no question is a foolish one, and never take a doctors death sentence, I have nothing against doctors as there are many wonderful ones out there, but most go by statistics, by what they have learned in books not in feel, some though, are actually begining to realize that there are alternatives that have proven to work, and that the mind is a very powerful thing. Your life, your time here on earth is up to you, the contract you made between yourself and the Creator before birth. Never give up hope, to give up hope, is to give up faith, to give up faith is to give up life, and your life is so very important to all of us as we are all connected.

Love,healing & blessings,

Denise (Keetonah)

Home of Keets Healing Angels aka The Healing Angel (see link below)

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