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Teachings: Baptisms

Water Baptism


"He who believes and is baptized will be saved."-Mark 16:16

Additional Scriptures:

Matthew 28:19
Acts 2:38
Acts 8:12
Acts 36-38
Acts 10:47-48

Do you want to get water baptized?

Contact our pastors for more information on how we can schedule you in on a morning Sunday service!


During the 2003 "Liberation War on Iraq", Newsweek took a famous picture on:

March 31, 2003 Newsweek

"Even as they shipped out for battle, American troops found time for spiritual reflection. (clockwise from left) Justin Lowe bows his head in prayer, converts to Christianity are baptized, Harrison Grimes grips a Bible given to him in advance of war, Josh Slotnik during Shabbat services, infantry soldiers receive holy...." (Still looking for the picture to dowload or link, which wasn't available for free from Newsweek magazine)

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Water Baptism Pictures

Welcome to our March 2002 H20 Baptism Photo Album.

John of Cyrus Cafe

Michelle Knutson, UMM Student with Amanda Gjertsen

Rachel, UMM Student
(Sorry, no picture yet)

Deola Adewola, UMM Int'l Student from Nigeria

Tim Mitchell, mechanic at Valu Ford, from Houghton, SD

Brett Mangan, Chokio-Alberta H.S. Junior

Cory Mangan, Chokio-Alberta H.S. 8th Grade

Randy Baker's "Cute" daughter!

Water Baptism Pictures

Welcome to our 2003 H20 Baptism Photo Album.

Erin ?, UMM Student

Yuko Mori, UMM Int'l Student from Japan with Peter Turpin (UMM 04')

Malik Rodriguez, son of Calida-UMM Student from St. Cloud, MN


Sunday, September 15th 2003

sang "Jessie...."



Lisa Nieland
shared personal testimony on "It's His Life..not my" and Romans 10:9

Below were "spare of the moment" decisions to get water baptized:

Jill McDonald, UMM Junior

Lacy Rinkenberger

Josiah Rinkenberger

I had the opportunity to water baptize my brother in Christ-Tim M. at Morris Community Church service at the "old" Morris Elementary School Auditorium

Reccomended Resources



Self Baptism Kit
"Baptism is not fun by yourself. Celebrate with people. If you would like to purchase this video in high quality please email cost is $5.00"

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