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Sports: Rodeo

Sports: Rodeo

I attended my first real live rodeo yesterday (Saturday, April 21st of 2007) at Alexandria's Runestone Center (located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds). They began the program with a prayer (practicing our religious freedom) for protection of the riders and the program or event in general.

The event was sponsored by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA)

Reccomended Resources


  • Wikipedia

  • "Rodeo continues to stress its western folk hero image and its being a genuinely American creation, claimed to grow out of the daily work of Anglo ranch hands. But in fact it grew out of the far older Mexican “Charreada,” a mixture of cattle wrangling and bull fighting that dates back to the sixteenth-century conquistadors, among whom one manner of fighting bulls was to attempt to ride them to death.[1] This is the origin of rodeo bull riding.
    “Charros” also had a steer wrestling event; this very popular contest involved wrestling the steer to the ground by riding up behind it, grabbing its tail, and twisting it to the ground. The event spread throughout the Kingdom of New Spain and was found at fairgrounds, racetracks, fiestas, and festivals in nineteenth century southwestern areas that now comprise the United States. However, unlike the roping, riding, and racing, this charro contest never attracted a following among Anglo cowboys or audiences.[2]"


  • Christian Cowboy, based in Blanco, TX
  • Fellowship of Christian Cowboys

  • "for young people interested in improving their horsemanship and rodeo skills such as all rough stock events, roping, steer wrestling, barrels, poles, goat tying, and trick riding"
  • Louisiana Christian Rodeo Productions
  • Mission Rodeo
  • Schools

  • Sankey Rodeo School
  • Testimonies

  • Thomas Salario is a cowboy from Leblanc, Louisiana. Rides bareback and bulls. Born-again Christian from Louisiana Christian Radio Productions

  • " They would pray openly and ask God for protection and for the angels to be all around him. Thomas was never embarrassed and was always receptive to his mother's openness to praying aloud. He's such a blessing to his family because he "stood for Christ" at such a young age. His trust is a testimony to God's power coming down on young children as they trust and obey. As Thomas' trust grew stronger in the Lord, he began to win more often. He also chose to honor God in the arena and with his tithes. God, in turn, honored Thomas by allowing him to win the winter series in 1997-98 while competing with men ranging in ages from 18-30 years of age. God moved the family back to Sulphur, Louisiana on April 30, 1998. Thomas and his family lived for the first five months in the living quarters of their horse trailer. His dad, Faron, still made sure Thomas practiced and participated in rodeos. During the first summer after the move, he made it to National Little Britches in bull riding. He won National Little Britches Region #4 in bareback and Reserve Champion in bull riding. During the following year of 1999, his first year of high school rodeo, he made it the NHSRA, in Gilette, Wyoming, in bareback riding. God gets the glory for these accomplishments. During the Louisiana High School State Finals, he won a performance in the "first go" and was second in the overall in the "first go-round". During the "short go", he placed second and this success gave him first place in the average. Placing fourth place for the year gave him a spot to be on the Louisiana national team. Being in the nationals for his first year was truly a move of God. As a new rodeo season is now beginning, Thomas and his family are very hopeful that he will do well ALL FOR THE GLORY of GOD. Thomas and his fellow rodeo buddies will continue to pray behind the chutes as they "power-up" with God. We give God praise for what He has done for Thomas Salario. His faith and witness are a blessing to Christian rodeo fans. God has honored him as our Louisiana State High School Champion Bareback Rider and National High School Champion Bareback Rider for the year 2000. Mom knows that God is in control. "He was upset just for a short time after missing out on going to nationals in bull riding by a quarter of a point. Then he began to realize how God had moved again in his life. To be riding the bareback event for just one- and-half years is truly the Lord's doing. We had been trusting God for the championship for one year. As our relationship with God grew closer, we could see His purpose. It was very clear to us; so, we chose to believe God. The rest is history," explains his mother.
    When asked how it feels to be National High School Champion bareback rider for 2000, Thomas replies, "The same; I do not feel any different. " However, when he is asked about his feelings towards God, he exclaims, "He is AWESOME ! " Congratulations to Thomas Salario, not only a HIGH SCHOOL RODEO NATIONAL CHAMPION, but a CHAMPION IN GOD'S ARMY. We look forward to working with you in the winning of many souls to the Kingdom."


  • Christian Youth Rodeo Association

  • "Helping Kids to become Winners in the arena of life ~ Thru Christ, Family, & Respect."

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