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  • "n the ten months between May 2000 and February 2001, four gifted NASCAR drivers lost their lives in race crashes. Adam Petty (grandson of legend Richard Petty), Kenny Irwin Jr., Tony Roper and, finally, perhaps the sport’s most notable figure, Dale Earnhardt. The feelings and emotions surrounding such losses run deep, not just for the drivers and those closest to them, but for their millions of fans as well. Here are some thoughts from inside NASCAR regarding not only the dangers of the sport—but the faith that sustains its people through it. /////A World of Danger... “It was such a great season (2000) in so many ways, but the deaths just put a real cloud over it” Darrell Waltrip (3-time Winston Cup champion, retired) 1 “We lost some family members, and losing a family member is not something you ever put behind you.” Mike Helton (NASCAR president) 2 “This sport is unique in the most profound sense. Nowhere but in motor sports must everyone, owners, drivers, fans and media deal with the specter of serious injury and death.” Bob Ley (ESPN) 3 "


    SHEC Motorsports

    "Pastor Mike Keogh heads up SHEC Motorsports featuring the SHEC car, #82, and the Man of Galilee. Come check them out at Raceway Park in Kalispell, MT."


  • Turning It Over to God NASCAR Drivers and Crew Members Rely on Faith The world of stock car racing can be difficult. Success and failure is measured in lap times and finishes, readily apparent to everyone. And at speeds greater than 195 mph, a life-threatening accident could be a millisecond away. by Simon Gonzalez (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

  • "“There is no car built to withstand the crash that this thing had. There is no other way to answer how I could be fine, unless God was with me and His angels just didn’t allow me to get hurt. I reaffirmed my faith in Jesus after that.”
    As this issue of Decision went to press, Waltrip was scheduled to give his testimony Oct. 9 at the Heart of America Billy Graham Crusade, in Kansas City. Like Waltrip, many NASCAR drivers, crew chiefs and spouses have put their faith in Jesus Christ."

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