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Passion Questionaaire

How was the movie? Did the movie raise any questions you might of had? Well, if you do-copy and paste the following questions and e-mail me:

How did you hear about this movie?

How much did you know about the last 12 hours of Jesus's life?

Where you suprised of any scenes/stories that the movie brought your attention to?

Learn anything new from this movie that you never knew before?

How much do you know of the Gospels (4 Books on Jesus' life in the New Testament)?
a. Before this movie, did you read the Bible much?
b. Do you know plan to read it more?
*Note: For some reccomended Bibles, =>check this out<=

If you have any questions, contact a local church and get involved in a Bible study and spend time reading it on your own daily.

What was the most impacting scene of the movie and how?

What was the purpose of Jesus going through all this?

The Crucifixion death and Ressurection symbolizes God's forgiveness of our sins that we may have eternal life (John 3:16).

What are some sins in your life that God may want you to ask Him for forgiveness?

We all get hurt by someone everyday (abuse-emotional or physical).

Can you forgive that person as the movie depicted Jesus forgiving those that betrayed him or beat him?

"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots."-Luke 23:34

a. What other ways you've been hurt?
b. List all the people that has hurt you
Write a letter to each one

I struggle daily to forgive people that hurt me still, but I used to had a harder time before. As I grown in my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father, its been much easier to forgive those who hurt you in different ways. Tired of living your life on your own and need Jesus to be #1 in your life instead of living it selfishly by yourself? Have you ever accepted Him into your heart? Go here!

Grow with Him!

Has this movie help define God's purpose for you in life?

a. If yes, how does it?
b. What sacrifices (as Jesus has and willing to follow Him) have you/are you willing to made/ make to go about this?

Do you reccomend this movie to anyone?


ACTION: Make a list of people you reccomend this movie to. Pray that God will touch them personally. Then, see if you could invite this person to it-with you yourself if possible? Give them this quesionaaire or even ask them sometime after the movie. *If you can, don't ask them immediately after, so they can gather their thoughts-between them and God!

*Please e-mail me any suggested questions on this list, overall personal feedback on the movie, or anything else relating to the material above to:

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