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Life: Rest


Along with the message or topic on "Time", I’ve been meaning to write about rest to go along with part of the notes above. Today-the Sabbath, I’m writing this to really engrain this in people’s lifestyle. Yeah, what’s up with everybody rushing in life for. At my local church-Morris-today, a sister-in-Christ shared how (similar to last Sunday’s message in St. Paul with Grey Boyd) we need to rest and enjoy the “banqueting table”...

" He brings me to the banquet hall, so everyone can see how much he loves me."-Songs 2:4

...that is mentioned in the Bible. When we eat at the “banqueting table”, it takes time and not like what we do at a fast food restaurant!

Then another shared about her recent cleaning of her personal computer of viruses that came from surfing the internet. She realized how the computer has slow down because of these viruses that came along from constant surfing the internet and opening all these files. Her son came home recently to clean-up all that junk and the computer is back to normal speed and a lot faster than before! Well, we need to do that in our lives too, stated by this lady at church this Sunday. I personally received it as we go in life rushing and collect sin not noticing it at times. That is why I try in my quiet times at night before going to bed to do this! This enables me to have a clear conscience from worry and burdens from a long day at times. When I wake-up the next morning (mostly), I’m more pumped up and ready to do what God has me to do for a new day!

”Heavenly Father, open my eyes to all the sins I need to ask you for forgivness that I’ll be clean and pure to be a brighter light for you to the people you’ll put in my path in the dark world tomorrow! In Jesus name, Amen!”

A brother-in-Christ shared how we are a new creation or creature no matter what mistakes (sins) you committed each day. Then Pat, pastor, continued to share on this topic that we need to go before God as he shared about Naumun from 2 Kings 5. This Sunday’s message has tied up many things recently and the message last Sunday. Now, it’s up to us that “heard” this to act upon it and practice this in our daily life!

You think this message ended after church service at noon! Well, when I dropped the two consumers I usually I take to church from the group home, my co-worker answered on how it’s been busy with classes after I asked “how is this final stretch of the semester going?” Then this other co-worker responded, “I hear that all the time”. Yes, we do as this “helter skelter” society is rampant all over!

Health Affects

Your "busy" lifestyle affects your health-you know? Why is that the #1 killer in this country is heart disease? Yes, bad eating habits and also stress!

Recently, my younger brother told me that he has been stress lately that may have contributed to some of his health problems.

....more on health

Interview with God
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