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LA: Nursing


After working at the group home for 5 years, I've been having an increase interest in the nursing field. I would love to get paid for helping people and I'm very health conscious.

I took a First Aid class the other day-April of 2005 (other days: 12/6/05-3 hours), which took only 1 hour. I thought I could do some more learning, so I found these sites...

  • First Aid Kit, what should you have?
  • First Aid Table of Contents, from survival center
  • Health & Safety Services, from American Red Cross
  • Nurse Job Applicant

    Looking for a qualified nurse? Check out my uncle's resume, who is coming to America in January 21st of 2005 from United Arab Emirates. He worked at Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

    Related Sites:
    The Emirates Network
    Specialized Medical Care Hospitals, from
    UAE Federal Government Portal UAE Hospitals from Hospitals Worldwide

    Reccomended Resources


    -Nursing Schools

  • University of Minnesota
  • -Job Opportunities
    Entry Nursing Jobs for After College
    Martin & Fletcher Co. Associates
    Contact Jason Cunningham (12/13/05) at 1.877.782.6025
    Medical-Nursing Jobs in Twin Cities

  • Nightingale: Travel Nursing, min. 1 yr working in American hospital

  • *contact Jane at 1.866.496.7510


    Job Opportunities

  • Nursing Jobs
  • -Recruiters
    -Job Recruiters
    AMM Associates, based in
    Contact: Richard Reeves at (Dec 19th of 2005)
    On Ward Health Care, based in Conneticuit
    Contact: Toni Winslow at T 800.278.0332 x3107 (Dec 13th of 2005)
    Yvonne Fernandez, RN, BSN, MHA Michael Deegan, RN Deegan, Fernandez & Associates Contact: 866-967-5218 (toll free)
    "Would you be interested in being an RN in any of these states: AZ, CA, IL, PA, MS, AR, NM, & TX" (Dec 13th of 2005)

    Immigration Documentation

  • The ABC’s of Immigration: Visa Options for Nurses, Part 1: Non-Immigrant Visa Options, from visalaw
  • Media

  • School Nurses Needed Across CountryPoor Enforcement of Federal Ratios, Low School Nurse Salaries Are Blamed By JOY VICTORY (ABC News-Monday, Dec 26th of 2005)

  • " Wanda Miller, director of the National Association of School Nurses, was not surprised by a USA Today examination that showed the national student-to-nurse ratio of 950 to one is well over the recommended federal ratio of 750 to one."...


  • National League of Nursing, references
  • Resumes

  • Hire Nursing
  • Schools

  • School of Nursing, University of Washington

  • U.S. News ' Best Nursing School offers online education


    -Continuing Ed Online

  • Online Continuing Education for Nurses , from worldwidlelearn
  • Career

    -Job Opportunities
    American Medical Recruitment Specialities, LLC, worldwide offices in U.S. and UK
    Contact: Raymond Nasir (Dec 21st of 2005)

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