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I (Sal) remember growing-up in St. Paul, where I was born-raised by parents that immigrated from the Philippines. My parents were taught English growing-up in the "third largest English-speaking nation" in the world-Philippines, but living in America was challenging early on. My parents would come home frustrated after a long day at work, where they would sometimes get teased/ridiculed for not speaking English well. My siblings and I would have to correct them at times constantly. I too had trouble in the American public school system despite growing-up in this country because of my parents' difficult time when I was growing-up. The school subject of English wasn't my favorite class as I struggled academically. I was too teased and "made fun of" all my years going to school by friends and peers because of my grammar.

Not Giving-Up!

Yes, I finished college, but I don't stop learning! With my volunteer involvement with the Morris Literacy Project, I hope to use this an opportunity to touch-up my needed improvement of my English-grammar skills. I hope to teach and learn from the students I work with in this program that started in the Fall of 2004.

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  • , link to a friend of mine, Andrew S. Kress'"Together", who was selected as a semifinalist to be awarded in Walt Disney World in Florida. He was selected as one of the top 100 that's going to be published (3/2/04).

    Sing Language

  • Signing Online
  • Word Exercies *from David K. (3/18/07)
    "fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too

    Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

    i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

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  • Morris native delivers as promised with ESL book Saturday,' 4/02/05 (Morris Sun Tribune)
  • UMM fosters ties to China, from Morris Sun Tribune- 05/18/2005

  • "A dozen students from the University of Minnesota, Morris will travel to China to help teach English and culture to Chinese high school students. The trip, from May 29 to June 13, is the first of its kind. George Shen, the mayor of the Chinese city of Jiashan, invited the UMM students to work with children from Jiashan High School.
    "This is a pilot program which will hopefully provide a foundation for a vibrant and growing relationship between UMM and Jiashan," said Jennifer Falzerano, who works at UMM’s Office of Admissions and will accompany the students. "It will also expose UMM students to Chinese culture."

    Falzerano, a UMM graduate, will be joined on the trip by Min Zhou, who teaches German at UMM and is originally from China. This is the first group of UMM students to visit China.
    While Jiashan schools send most of their graduates abroad for a college education, explained Falzerano, U.S. students don't tend to go there. In today's world, Falzerano said, students need to understand China as part of their growth and development as future citizens.

    Students were selected by application from among more than 70 applicants, according to UMM Chancellor Sam Schuman.
    Consideration was given to their grade point average, on-campus activities and an essay they were asked to write. Preference was given to freshmen and sophomore students.
    Students who will travel to China are: Robert Goodfellow, Mound; Zachary Clemens, Minneapolis; Lauren Johnson; Myah Hayle; Christa Mims, Bear Lake; Daniel Moore, Champlin; Savannah Schulze, Ely; Ajeng Puspitasari, Jakarta, Indonesia; Natalie Kinsky, Woodbury; Brianna Martin, a UMM graduate from Eden Prairie High school whose parents live in Glenwood; Paul Carlson, Plymouth; and Michelle Handlin Burnsville.
    Program, housing and food costs for the trip will be paid by the city of Jiashan. Additional expenses will be covered with assistance from the UMM Chancellor's office and the students.
    This trip for students was an unexpected bonus following a recent trip to China by Schuman, Falzerano and Schuman’s wife, Nancy, who paid her way to be part of the experience.
    Also on the trip were Dr. Hong Yang from the University of Minnesota China Center. Focus of the trip was to explore exchange options and to recruit students for UMM.
    Schuman, who traveled to China last fall, was part of the International Education Exposition in Beijing. The University of Minnesota was the only American institution at the three-day expo, which was attended by an average of 30,000 students per day, he said. “That was an eye-opening experience,” Schuman said. “What we saw there was tremendous interest and hunger for American higher education. We wanted to see if we could make connections for the University of Minnesota, Morris, not just the University of Minnesota.”

    On the recent trip, Schuman stated that they had production discussions both with two officers of the Shanghai American Consulate regarding visa issues for Chinese students seeking to come to the U.S. and with Shanghai University.
    While in Jiashan, they visited a private college and the area's leading high school, which is where the invitation was extended for UMM students to visit. In Beijing, they met with the vice president of Beijing Union University and the director for international education. They are less enthusiastic about student exchanges but eager to establish faculty exchanges, said Schuman. A general accord of cooperation was signed with Beijing Union University.
    The UMM and U of M group met at Shanghai University with two vice presidents and other officers of their international programs office, and they seem eager to establish student and faculty exchanges, Schuman said.
    The university has a number of colleges, including a College of Liberal Arts. It currently enrolls about 25,000 undergraduates, Schuman said. “Shanghai University would like to see from us a draft exchange agreement,” he said. “They offer a considerable number of courses in English."

    At Capital Normal University in Beijing, they again met with a vice president and International Programs staff.
    "They have a new and quite splendid facility for international students, and offer a good range of liberal arts programs and programs in Chinese language for international students," said Schuman. "They are eager to establish a student exchange, and we signed with them, too, a general accord of future cooperation. They propose sending a delegation of six to seven members, including faculty and administrators, to Morris in the relatively near future. They, too, have attractive short-term courses for international students on their campus that might make for good May term possibilities. "Finally, we visited the private Beijing Royal School (a high school), spoke with students and the headmaster, and distributed information about attending UMM," said Schuman.

    The Chinese appear more interested in science education, and in areas such as business, technology and economics, Schuman said. “The hard sciences interest them a lot and they see (the U.S.) as a world leader,” Schuman said. The University of Minnesota system doggedly maintained relations with Chinese universities at a time when it was difficult for Chinese students to get American visas and many universities gave up trying to recruit them, Schuman said. “We haven’t given up,” Schuman said. “That work has made it possible for truly interested Chinese students to come to the U.S.”

    This story contains information from the UMM News Service and the Sun Tribune.


  • Critical Literacy in Action : Writing Words, Changing Worlds/A Tribute to the Teachings of Paulo Freire, referred by my friend Sachiko, who was assigned to read by Professor Solvie, UMM Assistant Proffesor of Education

  • Reviews: Boyntoncook, books on critical literacy, heinemann,


  • Literacy Project, teaching local migrant workers
  • *this is through Alexandria's Runestone Learning Center..

    south east side of Runestone Learning Center. The 8-10 story high rise apartment is right behind the center along Broadway-Main Street
    817 FILLMORE
    ALEXANDRIA, MN 56308
    Other sites: Vikingland


  • Verizon Literacy Campus-Course Catalog


  • Changes for ESL program urgedNeed for English courses is growing BY MARICELLA MIRANDA (Pioneer Press) March 26th 2006
  • Program helps immigrants become teachers by William Wilcoxen, Minnesota Public Radio February 27, 2006
  • University area SVC reaches internationals through ESL program, from Minnesota Christian Chronicle

  • "It's 4 o'clock on a Thursday afternoon, and the English as a Second Language (ESL) class won't start for another half hour. But already Naoko, a neurosurgeon from Japan, and Juhee, a chemist from Korea who has her own perfume-making business, have arrived at Stadium Village Church (SVC) on the University campus in Minneapolis to practice their English."

    Visiting one of the ESL Classes at Stadium Village in December 2004

    Board Games

  • ESL Galaxy, pdf format-various
  • ESL HQ
  • Word-Up
  • Conferences

  • Minnesota Tesol, annual conference in Minneapolis in Nov 4th-5th of 2005
  • Education

  • ESL Additional Licenses, from Hamline University
  • ESL at St. Cloud State
  • ESL

  • ESL Programs in Twin Cities, from St. Paul Public Library
  • Language Center at the Universit of Minnesota-TC Campus
  • Television

  • Echo Minnesota, learn about health, emergencies, etc..
  • Tools to Equip
    *referred from ESL Training Course on September 27th of 2005 at Alexandria's Runestone Learning Center by Kathy Mohabir

  • ESL Collection-Mini Grants
  • ESL Flow
  • Everything ESL

  • Adult Ed Teachers
  • OTAN
  • 1 Language,/li>

    Tongue Twisters

  • Tongue Twisters for the ESL/EFL Classroom

    Certificate Worksheets

  • DooHeet, download free
  • Certificates 4 Teachers
  • Education Online

  • Learn English Fast

  • "Professor Marguerite Cravatt offers online, live instruction teaching ESL: pronunciation, vocabulary, essay writing, conversation, and more. This is a demo of how to use the online classroom. "
  • Professional Career Development Institute
  • Stratford Institute, from degreesandmore
  • ESL

  • Adult ESOL, from Palm Beach Schools
  • Language Learning Labs, form Urbana-Illinois
  • English as a Second Language resources, form Ph.D Rong Chang
  • ESL Resources, from Purdue University
  • Teach ESL Online, or by phone by
  • Tips for Teaching ESL III, from harvard
  • Grammar

  • English Page
  • Grammar Activities (Ohio ESL)

  • Business English Lessons
    -Present Forms

    English Essentials, FREE Online English Lesson
    Longman English Language
    -Essentials of English
    *referred by Tatyana (student) on Wednesday, October 17th of 2007
    Shop Online:, compare prices ($12-$32)
    The Essentials of English: A Writer's Handbook (with APA Style) (Spiral-bound) by Ann Hogue (Author), from List Price: $41.33
    Understanding and Using English Grammar (Paperback) by Betty Schrampfer Azar (Author) "Following are some dialogues between Speaker A and Speaker B..." (more) , from List Price: $48.67

    Health Literacy
    *below are some links refered by Suzzane McCurdy, who taught a 2-hour Health Literacy Class on Saturday, October 1st 2005 at Alexandria's Runestone Learning Center

  • Human Body Parts, by Purdue
  • Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy, created by Kat Singleton of Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools
  • Virginia Adult Education Health Literacy Tool Kit
  • Learning Tools

  • Discovery School
  • Movies

  • Good Morning Vietnam, actor Robin Williams plays a disc jockey for the U.S. Army and teaches ESL to a classroom to meet a local Vietnamese woman
  • Poetry

  • Spiritual Flowing, from Troy Gash

  • *Met him (Monday, November 26th of 2007) through and see hiphop


  • ESL Pronunciations, from
  • Story Tellers

    -Ethnic Cultures

  • Arican Safari Story Telling

  • *Shared at Morris Public Library around June of 2004
    Milton Gray
    326 NE Cedar Court
    Blue Springs, MO 64014
    "Very educational, cultural (African-wore a Ghanan garb), and entertaining for all ages (young and old are very encouraged to be involved during storytelling) as he got the audience interacting"-Sal


  • Annenberg Channel TV

  • *first saw this on cable, which they were learning Russian-Saturday, Nov 26th of 2005


  • TOEFL® - Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Tools

  • Meeriam-Webster Dictionary,/li>

    -Spelling Dictionary

  • Sell IM Translator

    (fwd by Kathy M. on 12/05)

  • Helping Adults Become Literacy - a two page description of what OVAE is doing to ensure adults are equipped with the literacy skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century.
  • Adult Education and Family Literacy Program Fact Sheet - contains important information about the adult education program.
  • Education

  • The International TEFL Corporation
  • Recruiting and Training ESL Teachers - Philip McAlary, ESL Employment
  • Games

  • Teaching English and Living in China Games, various ideas!
  • History

  • History of English, from word origins
  • History of the English Language, from Wikipedia
    Old-English-Wikipedia came from the Anglo Saxons-Wikipedia of what is now known as "England"

    Teaching Abroad

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