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Issues: Stomach


My mom told me the full story of my appendicities last week (Oct.b 06'), which I really never heard. I've been told of the needed surgery as a young baby, but didn't know the seriousness. My mom shared that I was left in the hospital for almost a month just 3 days after "coming into the world". I would've died if I didn't have my appendics removed ASAP. Here are some pictures of the surgerical mark 29 years later...

I remembered growing-up, I would always stare at this mark whenever I take my clothes off. I kind of bothered me. I didn't like taking my shirt off in public (e.g.swimming) because I got tired of people asking me "what is that or what happened?". I began to joke with a response as I got older by saying, "I got stabbed during a gang find growing-up in the cities". They would respond with their eyes wide and mouth open with shock. I then would start laughing telling them the real truth after-he he! I began to accept this "mark" this as I got older and thank God for the success of this surgery. God had a plan, which my mom repeatedly that I survived w/my name "Salvador" or "Savior" (in Spanish). Ministry: Healing stories!


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  • "There are no major, long-term health problems resulting from removing the appendix although a slight increase in some diseases has been noted, for example, Crohn's disease."


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