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Attention Deficit

Helpful Resources

  • Adhd Info
  • ADD Teen Guide, includes a book
  • Ind. w/Dis.Edu.Act Practices, policies
  • Adulthood

  • ADHD boys in young adulthood: psychosocial adjustment., from National Institute of Health
  • "There was also a trend for young adults with ADHD to report a greater history of trouble with the law; however, the groups did not differ on current legal problems. CONCLUSIONS: Overall, these young adults with ADHD appear to have overcome educational and legal difficulties experienced during high school"


  • "Why ADHD Doesn't Mean Disaster" by Dennis Swanberg , Dr. Walt Larimore & Diane Passno in Focus on the Family

  • *Saw/heard Dennis Swanberg "live" at Alexandria (MN)'s Lake Geneva Christian Center in the summer of 2003
    -"Be Strong and Courageous", broadcast (8/26/04) from Focus on the Family
    *heard this on the radio with a friend on the way to Fargo, ND (2 hour drive), which was very enlightening!


  • Talismans Summer Camp, in North Carolina
  • College Focus

  • Information For Young Adults and College Students with ADD (ADHD), from ADDvance
  • Consultants

  • ADD Consults
  • Court Cases

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Implications for the Criminal Justice System By Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., from FBI (mental health matters)
  • The Criminal Justice System and Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disabilities Contributors: Patricia H. Latham. J.D., Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., G. Emerson Dickman, III, J.D., Peter S. Latham, J.D., and Patricia O. Quinn, M.D. (from ADD Association)
  • Medicated Drugs

  • Adderall Amphetamine, from
  • Adderall, side effects, warnings, from pychealth
  •, ADD drugs-ritalin
  • -Strattera
  • Changing to Strattera, from
  • Patient Information-FDA

  • "sexual side effects"
  • Strattera
  • Strattera for ADHD Help
  • Strattera Online
  • Strattera, the Good, the Bad, etc.. (from crazy meds)
  • Strattera Side Effects, from ritalin death
  • Nutrition-balancing medicated drugs

  • ADD to C3 Kids, a nutritional diet program
  • Treatment Centers

  • Residential Treatment Centers, from my troubled teen
  • Treatment Centers, from Lawrence Weathers, Ph.D. Psychologist

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