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    To: dad (6/20/04)
    From: Vador, your son

    "Thank you dad for everything you've done, already do, and will do for me at times I don't deserve it. Sorry, for the many times I don't show it, but I pray that you'll see the fruit of the hard work you've done with me. Happy Father's Day-not just yesterday, not just today, not just tomorrow, but every day!"

    I'll never forget one of your sayings-"For the Father's Day Tribute (KTIS 98.5 FM), here is my memorable saying from my loving Filipino dad:

    "Look at the positive side of people instead of their negative side, this will help you get along with everybody-this is what keeps your mom and I together (have been married close to 35+ years-praise God!)"

    Son that is greatful to my Heavenly Father for my earthly dad, Salamat po with Christ's love,


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