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Baseball: Minnesota Twins Fan

Twins "Winter Caravan" 2005 Tour

West Central (Glenwood-Fergus-Ortonville)-Morris, Minnesota
Tuesday, January 26th of 2005 @2:15-3:15p

Michael Cuddyer and Al prior to their 10 minute radio interview at KKOK 95.7 FM Morris Radio Station

Bert Blyleven chatting with the fans at the radio station

I chat with Riley before the Twins enter in the radio station

I'm in the background behind Bert getting ready for some autographs

Al Newman poses with Ben

Bert with Ben

Bert with cop

Bert with Riley

Bert shatting with City of Morris Police officer, who happens to coach a little league team

Matt Lecroy

Bert Blyleven

Lecroy and Cuddhyer

Lecroy and Cuddhyer head out after a 10-15 minute interview at KKOK's Radio Interview Box Room

Lecroy, and Cuddhyer heading out

Twins having fun throwing snowballs before they depart in their next city tour visit in Ortonville.

Twins "Winter Caravan" Bus is ready to leave Morris' KKOK Radio Station

Twins Fest 2005

Metrodome-Minneapolis, Minnesota

I had the opportunity to revisit Twins Fest 2005 (Friday, January 29th 2005), which I haven't attended one of these since I was a kid (91 and after?)

I decided to check this event out just for "kicks" as I wanted to take a teenager I mentor with me, so he can too experience the fun at his age.

Mauer Brother (brother of the Twins fan favorite-Joe Mauer) signing autographs (no charge-FREE) in one of several autograph stations (others charged money according to profile)

Mauer Brother #2 signing too!
*I told him I played for Harding Senior High (freshmen and jv 1992-1994), which his alma mater h.s. (Cretin) was the team to beat all the time! He then shared that he and his family goes around West Central Minnesota-Morris area to go hunting!

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  • Twins' Coach Locker Room during the Twins Locker Room "behind the scenes" tour

    Twins Fest View from the Press Box

    Press Box Tour

    Sal posing in front of the Twins Bear Inflatable

    Cory tries out the pitching

    Cory check out the pitching area

    Cory poses in front of the 87' World Series Trophy (year he was born!)

    Sal poses inside the garage (right field) as he heads out

    Cory also poses inside the garage

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    This Page is Dedicated to my favorite baseball player of all time:

    #34 Centerfielder for the Minnesota Twins

    Kirby "K-r-r-r-r-by" Puckett!

    Kirby (biography) was a great person on (Hall of Fame inductee in 2001) and off the field (minnesota giving). I remember growing-up (10 years old) , I witnessed Kirby take the Minnesota Twins to win the team's first World Series in 1987. I had the privilege with many other St. Paul public school students to get out of school early to attend the celebration parade through downtown St. Paul after winning the championship. It was a celebration (confetti thrown from the building tops, crowded streets, shouting/yelling, etc..) that I will never experience again! Then in 1991, Kirby became the spotlight of the second World Series Championship...."..and we'll see you tomorrow night!" (a famous line by the sports announcer after Kirby nailed a homerun to take the Twins to Game 7). That same game, he made a memorable catch (one of many he made over his career) to grab a homerun off Ron Gant!

    Above were just some of the highlights of his career. Many off his off-the-field highlights occurred with no cameras. I remember one-time he came over to our school in St. Paul to visit. My whole school was excited, which I didn't really had the chance to personally meet him because of the large crowd. However, I had the opportunity to meet him in person twice-both times during Twins Fest. Back then, the autographs were free, which I had him sign my baseball both times (year unknown?).

    I decided to write this tribute today (Wednesday, March 8th of 2006) after his "unexpected" death this past Sunday...

    "The Minnesota Twins have announced that Kirby Puckett is hospitalized in Arizona after suffering a stroke at his Scottsdale home. Puckett was a fan favorite"-Minnesota Public Radio
    Friends, Fellow Athletes Remember Puckett (WCCO)
    "(WCCO) Even though Kirby Puckett played his last professional game on Sept. 28, 1995, the loss of #34 is being felt across the Minnesota Twins' spring training complex in Fort Myers, Fla."
    Public memorial set for Puckett on Sunday (Kare 11)
    "On Tuesday, the Minnesota Twins announced that a public memorial service for the Hall of Famer would be held at the Metrodome in Minneapolis at 7 p.m on Sunday, March 12. Doors will open at six o'clock.
    Ball club officials said that the program celebrating Puckett's life and career will include tributes from family, friends, current and former Twins players, as well as video highlights."

    Legislature pauses in tribute to Puckett Last update: March 08, 2006 1:20 PM (Star Tribune)
    "Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson held up a baseball Puckett gave him and talked about Puckett's impact in baseball and beyond, through scholarship programs and children's charities.
    Senators bowed their heads and observed a moment of silence in Puckett's memory.

    The secret life of Kirby Puckett (Pioneer Press 2002)
    "Kirby denied all the allegations to police, saying they argued after Tonya threatened to keep him from seeing their two adopted children again. Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar declined to file a felony complaint because the alleged threat came on a long-distance call from Atlantic City, making it hard to prove Tonya was in imminent danger. Edina city attorney Marsh Halberg declined to file a misdemeanor complaint because Tonya waited six days to file her report and because the two participants were the only witnesses, and their stories were so conflicting."

    I first heard of him being at the hospital when I was at work Monday morning. Then I would hear the tragic news that he died as I was checking my e-mail at a friend's apartment that evening. I then started to reminincse my personal encounters (e.g. getting his autograph) with friends. I remember playing baseball with neighborhood friends as a kid in East St. Paul (Battle Creek neighborhood) , we would love to copy Kirby when we bat. I would do the "cross" (first on the chest and then on homeplate with the bat) right at the plate as Kirby did many times. As a Catholic growing-up, I thought it was cool to see him do this. I saw this a faithbuilder in my early years before growing-up in my dedicated personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

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    Baseball Almanac
    Baseball Page
    Believing is seeing- Kirby Puckett's vision is impaired, but his worldview is clear by Margie Haack of World Magazine (October 5th of 1996)
    "But what really made Kirby stand out was the character he displayed...
    Kirby was generous: giving away millions in free tickets, scholarships, medical treatment, and community service.
    And another: Two years ago in spring training, after three hours of drills, he signed about 200 autographs. When one child deceitfully wanting an extra special signature on a baseball asked, "Mr. Puckett, could you write on it, 'opening night,'" Kirby laughed and said, "I don't know if I'll be living opening night . . . kid, you can go any time." Stretched out in the Twins clubhouse later, Kirby spoke seriously: "You don't know how long God wants you here, so you should always give all thanks to him."

    How to be a Disciple (religion-online)
    "Few have illustrated this better than Kirby Puckett, for 13 years center fielder for the Minnesota Twins baseball team. He had a career batting average of .318, made the All-Star lineup ten years in a row, and won six Golden Gloves for defensive play. He was one of the most loved men ever to play the game, and a well-known Christian.
    Dennis Martinez, pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, once crushed the left side of Kirby's face with a pitch. Martinez assumed that Kirby would hate him. But when he had recovered a bit, Kirby called Martinez "my good friend" and blamed himself for not getting out of the way of the fastball. He was an outstanding community leader for good causes, and expressed his faith naturally in words that matched his life. Everyone knew who Kirby was trusting and why he would not hate someone who had injured him. He was living in God's world and relying upon it."

    Sue's Views: Kirby touched 'em all, touched us all(Morris Sun Tribune)

    What do you want in the new Twins Ball Park?

    " As a fan since their first World Series Championship in 87', I would like to see a memorail type (similar to Green Bay Packer's Lambeau field) museum (that can be open for tourist-similar to the Orioles, which has the Babe Ruth House a couple blocks down) display as a rememberance for Twins fans in the future. I've visited ball parks across the country (e.g. Fenway, Shea, Camden Yards, Kansas City, etc...), as an admirer of architecture, it'll be "nice" to include a unique outside look that can be a touristy place for baseball and non-baseball fans that go through downtown Minneapolis.

    As an avid baseball fan, I would like to see some batting cages to "kill some time" prior to the game or even after. Also, include a speed pitch game to measure how individuals can pitch. I reccomend some shopping plaza across the street or inside for girls/lady's so they won't get too bored when the go with their "man"!

    As a 2nd generation Filipino-American, it'll be "cool" to see different flags representing the different countries that has been represented in a Twins Team (e.g. Liriano-Dominican Republic, Santana-Vanezuela, Reyes-Mexico?, Blyleven-Netherlands?, etc...). I feel this will encourage fans from different ethnic groups represented in out growin diverse ethnic population in Minnesota (e.g. I live in small rural town Morris, and I've been playing ball with a kid whose mom is from the Dominican Republic)

    As a 2nd generation Filipino-American, it'll be "cool" to see different flags representing the different countries that has been represented in a Twins Team (e.g. Liriano-Dominican Republic, Santana-Vanezuela, Reyes-Mexico?, Blyleven-Netherlands?, etc...). I feel this will encourage fans from different ethnic groups represented in out growin diverse ethnic population in Minnesota (e.g. I live in small rural town Morris, and I've been playing ball with a kid whose mom is from the Dominican Republic)

    These are just some ideas for now...

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