promo poster for Bloodflowers
Bloodflowers ~ the new Cure album due out Feb. 15th 2000

Track Listing
Out of This World
Watching Me Fall
Where the Birds Always Sing
Maybe Someday
The Last Day of Summer
There is No If...
The Loudest Sound

Some unreleased songs :
Coming up (to appear on the japanese version of "bloodflowers", Just Say Yes, Split Milk,and You're so Happy!, Everything Forever', 'Heavy World' and 'Possession'

the cure apeared in people weekly under the "picks and pan " section heres how it went :

the cure (fiction/elektra)
reviewed by Alec Foege

Read this and weep: Robert Smith, the floppy-haired maestro of mope, is back, and-happily--he's miserable. Since their 1980s heyday, songwriter Smith and company have strummed, hummed and moaned through a string of international hits, all pretty much focusing on lost opportunities in love and other small agonies. And though the British band's lineup has changed over the years, they have always kept the quality of their lush, dark music uniformly high, with the exception of 1996's unsatisfying search for a new sonic identity on Wild Mood Swings. Fans of the Cure's signature echoey guitar-in-a-bathroom sound --a major influence on younger bands like the Cranberries--will enjoy hearing Smith again confidently bleat lines like "It used to be so easy/ but the last day of summer never felt so cold." With more than 27 million records sold, how unhappy can he be? bottom line : sad rockers cry again Check out www.thecure.comfor Dream Tour dates and other information.