ROLE-PLAY: 012   RECORD: 006 - 001 - 000 

ACHIEVEMENTS: #1 Superstar of Shockwave x1, #1 Superstar Of Massacre,  #1 Superstar of the Week Both Shows x1,  People's Choice: Best Newcomer of the Month Award, Top 3 Superstars of Shockwave x2, Top 3 Superstars of Massacre x3, Undefeated For 1st Month, March Awards: Most Dedicated For The Month, Overall Rper of the Month And Face of the Month, Magazine Edition Ranked #1 x1


The numbers continue to fall.. the number continue to be CHECKED off as DA MAN continues his amazing run here in the PWF! No body has a record like Goldberg.. NO BODY compares to Goldberg and no body is going to BEAT Goldberg! He is one of a king.. he's a POWER HOUSE.. he's DA MAN and he's simply UNSTOPPABLE! He's something which the world will never be able to accept as he is something beyond creation.. he is GOLDBERG! Undertaker's number has arose.. and so too has Kane however they have come back for more.. more punishment and more consequences. Just because they hold certain gold around there waist doesn't mean they'll have the ability to take down a LEGEND.. a MYTH of the PWF.. GOLDBERG! People have begun to think can this man be stopped.. can he be beaten?? This week the world witnessed the downfall of Benoit.. Booker T and X-Pac! Three wrestlers with a bright future in the PWF simply shattered and DESTROYED! Goldberg is like an iceberg.. it can't be stopped.. it can't be destroyed and what you see on the surface is NOTHING compared to what's underneath! Goldberg will team up with Stone Cold on Massacre.. he may not like Austin but he respects the guy as there about to take on the PWF Tag Champions! Undertaker.. Kane.. the Unforsaken Souls have been marked off.. they've been a victim.. but they challenge ME.. they challenge GOLDBERG and I'm a man NOT to step back from a fight! And it's been said.. Undertaker.. Kane..   Y O U R   N E X T !

<- The Shockwave highlights begin to show as a month of hatred between Stone Cold and Kurt Angle shall continue! Two wrestlers which have no respect nor compassion for each other. However Kurt Angle shall team up with the man who is UNDEFEATED.. NONE other than GOLDBERG! The music of Goldberg begins to play with the sound of DA MAN's name! Highlights of the victims.. highlights of the SPEAR's are shown.. show by show.. week by week! All of a sudden the camera opens up with a limo arriving downtown! All of a sudden out steps GOLDBERG.. what is with this? Goldberg and limos? Goldberg is wearing some faded denim jeans with a denim vest! As he gets out of the limo he places his hat backwards on his head..   ->

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] Ahh.. do I hear the lucky number seven in the air? No.. I don't sorry.. that's going to be on Monday! Monday Massacre.. is the show I pick up my 7th win however it isn't a NEW person.. a NEW victim.. a NEW number.. it's someone old! It's someone who wishes to reface Goldberg.. ATTEMPT for a 2nd time to destroy this perfection.. this run.. this STREAK! I.. you.. and everybody else knew Chris Benoit didn't have a chance.. Kane didn't have a chance and EITHER will the Undertaker! But hey what would you know.. your only a camera!

<- Bill Goldberg begins to chuckle as he looks straight through the camera and takes his hands off the sides of it! Goldberg fixes up his vest as the limo driver shuts his door for him. All of a sudden Goldberg realises there is a $1 dollar note on the floor.. he bends over and picks it up as in fine print it reads.. 'In Faith we believe' as Goldberg begins to chuckle.. ->

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] Believe in what?? My downfall? My end.. My streak coming to a halt? As much FAITH and as much as the Undertaker and Kane want to walk around PREACHING.. it's NOT going to make a difference! I have this streak for a reason and that's because I'm the best.. I'm the professional wrestling and I'm the best FIGHTER in the PWF! To beat me.. to get the upper hand of me.. you need a lot more than FAITH.. you need a MIRACLE! A miracle which isn't going to come the way of any superstar any time soon.. and ESPIALLY not the brothers Undertaker and Kane!  

<- All of a sudden Goldberg begins to smile as he puts the note in his pocket and adds it to his PWF career funds! Goldberg begins to walk down the pathway until he sees the sign 'HARLEY DAVIDSON'S A RUS'. It's like Toy's A Rus.. but for Harley Davidson's.. for BIG BOYS! As Goldberg looks to open the door a middle aged man is trying to go from inside out. The man has the same tattoo of Goldberg on his right arm and he is wearing a Undertaker shirt. Goldberg is a bit confused as he confronts the individual who is exiting the store. The man looks to walk away but Goldberg grabs his arm and turns him around! ->

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] What's the deal.. you wear the tattoo of the MYTH.. the LEGEND.. and then you disgrace yourself by wearing an Undertaker shirt? Have you got no self respect? Do you know what type of image you are sending out to the people of this country? Or have you no idea what happens when Undertaker and I lock it up?? There is only one thing that happens and that's TROUBLE.. at No Way Out.. the Phenom was destroyed and it's only a matter of time before he's DESTROYED again!  

[- A Confused Man 'FAN WITH NO DIRECTION' -] Hey maybe I had second thoughts about you.. you ain't no wrestler.. 

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] I ain't no wrestler? GOD DAMN of course I'm not a wrestler.. I'M A GOD in his own right! I am man who has a job of inflicting PAIN.. inflicting TROUBLE! I am something which no one can defeat nor conquer.. I am as powerful as any God and Massacre shall be ' JUST ' another walk in the park!  

[- A Confused Man 'FAN WITH NO DIRECTION' -] Walk in the park? You got lucky first time.. Undertaker is the DEADMAN! 

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] Got lucky? Son that was no luck.. that was Undertakers turn.. his number had ARRIVED! He was the man I began everything with and he was the man to end the month.. the month of the undefeated STREAK! Only thing the Undertaker is ' A DEADMAN WALKING ' because when DA MAN gets his hands on that salvage of the body I intend on breaking it in half! Undertaker will learn a new meaning for the four letter word of  P A I N!

[- A Confused Man 'FAN WITH NO DIRECTION' -] Well what are you doing? When were you into bikes? You copying Undertaker?

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] Copying DEADMAN? You gotta be kidding.. you gotta be joking.. messing with DA MAN! I am something unique.. I am a man who does not NEED to copy anything! I have the potential of huge things in the PWF.. and a new bike was on the agenda! But I've been a Harley Davidson boy for as long as I can remember and Undertaker with his brother Kane shall be another sacrifice for another STEP of the STREAK! 

<- Goldberg walks straight through the Ex Goldberg fan and now Undertaker fan as he enters the shop! Goldberg turns to his left to see a nice pair of Chrome bike handle bars on display! But after a quick look around one of the shop assistants realises Goldberg is in need of some help and they approach the PWF wrestler immediately!   ->

[- Rough Bike 'HARLEY DAVIDSON MANAGER' -] Hey what'd ya want? 

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] What'd I want? Is that the way how to treat a star.. a MYTH.. A LEGEND of the PWF?!?! The man who can not be beaten.. a man who is unstoppable inside the ring! Your lucky you got the privilege of someone of my calibre walking into this low grade shop.. I mean how many customers do you get a day? [Goldberg begins to chuckle as the Bike gets furious] You got a problem with me? Because DA MAN will take his business somewhere else.. 

[- Rough Bike 'HARLEY DAVIDSON MANAGER' -] Not interested about your life story.. or where you got your hair done today.. [Biker begins to laugh at his own joke] But what'd ya want? If your not looking to buy something.. then you beta get out.. 

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] What am I gonna buy? What's the most expensive bike you've got to offer? As I am one of those men with expensive taste as I am worth the money.. worth the dollars and due to one reason and that's the STREAK! I am the man who is undefeated.. I am the man that can not be beaten and come Monday Massacre I shall knock through both the Undertaker and Kane in this Tag Match with Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

[- Rough Bike 'HARLEY DAVIDSON MANAGER' -] Do I look like a salesman? Do I look like an expert in wrestling? So shut the hell up boy.. talk some Harley's or leave my shop..  

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] You threatening ME? You threatening DA MAN.. DA POWERHOUSE?!?! Do you wanna start something with me? Because I swear I'll SPEAR your head off.. your nothing.. your a Bikey.. you got no life.. no career.. and you think I'm afraid of putting you on your backside?!?!  I didn't come here for a victim.. I didn't come for a fight.. I came for a BIKE.. so show me where they are before your number rises very quickly! 

<- The Bikey Manager negotiates with Bill Goldberg and heads over to where the bikes are all standing.. some are on show case in front of the window. The Bikey shows Goldberg the most expensive one as Goldberg already has his wallet out with his check book in hand.. Goldberg is holding the pen waiting for the price as the Bikey looks up..    ->

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] Well what's your NUMBER?? I know your number is not up otherwise the customer in the far left will be on the phone ringing for the medics! But what's it going to cost me.. name it and you've got it..  

<- The Bikey shows Goldberg the tag on the bike as Goldberg laughs at the price and begins to write out the check. The Bikey takes the check as Goldberg wheels it outside and around the corner Goldberg sits on it! Goldberg turns it on and begins to rev the motor up as he smiles.. until the sound of a loud ute is heard from down the street! Goldberg looks in the distance to see nothing but the numbers 3... 1... 6.. the trademark of none other than STONE COLD and the partner of Goldberg on Massacre!   ->

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] What do you want? I mean teaming up with you on Monday Night is enough for DA MAN but you gotta be here? I mean.. I'm a POWERHOUSE.. I'M a man with an impressive streak.. and if you can't hold down your share of things it's not going to make a difference! Tag Team or handicap match.. the streak CONTINUES!  

[- Stone Cold 'RATTLESNAKE' -] You STUPID son of a bitch.. you think I'm gonna drop the ball? EHEH.. it just ain't gonna happen! Come Monday Austin 3:16 is going to wake up.. go to the kitchen.. open a couple of cold ones.. walk his 3:16 ass down to the ring and open the biggest CAN of whoop ass this world has ever seen..  

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] Whoop ass? Goldberg don't need no drink.. no potion and espially none of this so called 'WHOOP ASS' stuff because I'm DA MAN! I've had the most impressive month this federation have ever seen! No body.. and DA MAN means NO BODY has pinned my shoulders down and it's NOT going to happen again!

[- Stone Cold 'RATTLESNAKE' -] WHAT?! Ol' Stone Cold has a streak of his own.. but it ain't got nothing to do with wrestling.. because it's ALL about the beer. Although come Monday.. I.. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN will be sticking both these feet where the sun don't shine and THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE.. 

[- Goldberg 'DA MAN' -] WOAH.. stop there.. you think your the BOTTOM LINE? You think your going to get the job done!?! EHEH [Goldberg mocks Austin] Nah only joking man.. but hey we do have something common and that's the fact that were both bald.. and were both men on a mission! So the question is after we drill Undertaker.. after we put the FORSAKEN SOULS to rest the question is.. .. W H O ' S   N E X T ? ! ? 

<- Goldberg and Stone Cold? How could such a team exist.. the world is in shock and the Tag Team Champions got a huge pair on there hands come Monday Night Massacre! Just a matter of ONLY IF.. the Tag titles were on the line!  ->

VICTIMS OF THE STREAK: Batista, Triple H, Hurricane Helms, Kane, Undertaker, Booker T, X-pac, Chris Benoit