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My Contact Juggling Home Page

Contact Juggling, Arm rolling, Dynamic Manipulation

The art of Contact Juggling takes many hours of practice and lots of patience and determination to perfect, but the results are mind-boggling.

Most people who know of Contact Juggling know it from either Jim Henson's "Labyrinth" (Jareth's tricks with the crystals when he first meets Sarah) or because they saw Michael Moschen's special on Public Television. (It's called "In Motion with Michael Moschen" very cool video)

No matter where you see it though, Contact Juggling has a magical effect on both the performer and the audience. Hats off to all who are attempting to learn the art.

I know of only 2 resources for those wishing to learn out in the "real world", 1 book: "Contact Juggling" by James Ernest, and 1 video: "The Art of Contact Juggling" by David Pennington.

It has long been the discussion of contact juggler's the world round to create a webpage explaining the art, with intructions for those who wish to learn, but none have yet been finished. Kae's is as always a work in progress, and he'll be moving to the new address soon.

Because of my lack of skill in describing things. (I take to long to say short things, if you haven't figured that out yet) This is going to be mainly a links page. I don't have all that much time to work on it at the moment, but I'll improve it whenever I get a chance.

Any questions, helpful hints, advice, whatever, can be sent to me, Mistress Meghan at (yes, only 1 t)


Page last updated 10*5*2000

The Links

One of my Links pages, which has online juggling suppliers. (I use Infinite Illusions personally)
My Main Juggling Page
The pathetic arm rolls page in progress that everyone keeps talking about
The 1st CJing Correspondence Lesson

My Favorite things about Contact Juggling.