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*New addiiton! - La Malinche Hike (Mexico), HSUSY in DC, and of course the Jchankedified Xtreme Ozrim!

Hello, and welcome to my gnarly website.
It rules. And since it rules, and i made it, then obviously I rule.

So ...
In 1999, I made this webpage as an excuse to throw pictures of myself and friends on the internet, it now stands as a historic monument to a past life. Although everything is now outdated (and unnecessary due to sites like ofoto, snapfish, shutterfly, myspace, facebook ...), and I can't say I look the same as that college freshman of '99, I still feel like the crazy grown-up kid that caused havoc throughout college. For pictures of the fun, click on the links, like those glorious times at Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity - a.k.a Sammies. What else? For years and years, I spent my summers working at Herzl Camp throwing a frisbee around, playing guitar, and living the reality of "Wet Hot American Summer." While at the University of Minnesota, though, I met some great Peeps along the way, not all of whose pictures I was able to capture..

If you want to know more about who I am and what I like to do, just take a look at my online scrapbook here. Whether it was the my Jewish high school friends taking over Christmas in Las Vegas, or some outdoor fun like the summer trips to Montana, hiking in the mountains of Glacier National Park. Please take a gander at everything, including past pics from my personal favorite college past-time, Road Trips! (The 2002 Price Is Right trip pics are especially fun).

*Update* Today it is April 21st, 2006. It has been eons since my last update, so I finally grease up the ole fingers and typed in some code to show off the great fun that was missing. Therefore, in honor of my post-gradute life, here are some things to see. Although it was only a year, I had a great time in Washington, DC... and there is definately need for a shout out to 24 of the most amazing, Xtreme, exuberant, jchanked, people to ever reside in the 715 - my 2005 Xtreme Ozrim.

Below are some random pics to get you started, and just click on any of the links above to see more. And don't forget to check out the great pics from my "Study" Abroad in Mexico trip. And if you're really bored, feel free to check out the must see webpage links! Hope you enjoy.

That's it.

Ok, one more...

I would like to tell you a story now:
Once upon a time there was a kid named Nate Zerba-Dooba B! Nate decided one day, to tie all his neckties together and lasso himself a wild panther. 6 weeks of intensive therapy, one amputated leg, and a crooked smile only a mother could now love later...
...Nate hunts earthworms.

For those of you who need a visual, here is a picture of Nate ...

Hope you enjoyed.
Peace out.

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