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Contemporary Diverse Voices: Study Aid
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Asian American
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Jewish American
Native American

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For as long as civilization has existed, people have wanted their voices heard. In ancient Egypt, the Israelites wanted their voices heard so that they could be set free. During the Enlightenment, Europeans wanted their voices heard so that they could free themselves from the constraints, such as the church, that kept them "in the dark." Now, as the world becomes more and more interwoven, people strive to keep in touch with their roots. More than anything else, they want to share their heritage and their stories with everyone who will listen. This is especially true in the US, where a countless number of cultures mix together. The American-born authors focused on in this project have kept in touch with their roots and have written from the heart so that the whole world can hear their voices and know their stories. These are the Contemporary Diverse Voices.

So, What exactly does this mean? Good question.

Contemporary: Belonging to the same time period
Diverse: Different
Voices: Thoughts, opinions, imagination of authors

Basically, this literary group is a selection of thoughts from culturally different authors belonging to the same time period. The four genres covered in this study aid are Asian American literature, Hispanic American literature, Jewish American literature, and Native American literature.

Within each section of the study aid, you will find four things:

1. A biography of the author chosen to represent that particular type of literature, a list of the author's writings, and a list of related authors
2. Summaries of two of the author's stories
3. Commentaries on the same two stories and the literature type in general
4. Questions and discussion topics about the section

Take full advantage of what is in this website. That is why we made it. Enjoy!