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Ignorance from Ed Frawley

Ed Frawley & his uneducated opinion

Ed Frawley's webpage

*The spelling errors have been left in from Frawley's webpage.*
The ONE thing I will focus on will be how much lie and stupidity in Frawley's opinion there really is. He claims: "Very very few dogs the come from our kennel ever show signs of dominance at a young age." ( Yet, wolf hybrids have some sort of death wish from this man. German Shepards are proven to be decendents from the wolf. The very first sheep dogs were made from wolves, because specific traits the wolf has, but I highly doubt Frawley is trying to ban wool, lamb, and other byproducts produced from the help of sheep dogs.

"Of course the most dangerous of all animals in terms of territorial aggression is the wolf-hybrid. The wolf-hybrid has killed or injure more children per capita than any other breed of dog. The majority of their kills are related to territorial aggression towards small children." ( What about Golden Retrievers Frawley? Aren't black labs known to turn 'bad' after the age of 2? Or was that you who founded that statistic? If anyone watches the television show, Real TV, there is a clip where a police K-9 attacks the news reporter. Who is to blame? The reporter who put himself in an attack position (unknowingly)? The dog who nearly ripped his face off? -OR- The officer who could not control his dog, or take the precautions to tell the reporter that he was in a very dominant stance that could put his life in danger? DING DING DING It WAS the officers fault. Why? -- He gave this reporter no warning. News reporters always glorify the horror story. This animal attacked a man, was he put down? I highly doubt it.

I own a GSD. She's the nastiest damn dog that ever walked the face of the earth. We never did any aggressional training on her. She knows all basic comands: heel, stay, sit, no, etc. When this dog plays with me (13 years old) she snaps me harder than I can ever remember any wolf hybrid doing -- mine OR a completely strange animal... Think about it.

In reading many of Mr. Frawley's other webpages, he is nothing but a very bad liar. "The more wolf in the mix the more dangerous the animals." ( But in another of his pages: "Over aggressiveness in dogs has a number of different causes that all can be traced back to 2 different areas - either poor breeding or poor socializing." ( Every animal has some type of over aggression... While you are at it Frawley, make a webpage about mass murders, and why we should ban humans!

"If all dogs were well socialized and had gone through basic obedience lessons (either at home or in classes) there would be a lot less problems with dominant and over aggressive dogs. A little bit of education on the handlers part also goes a long way towards producing an animal that is not a danger to society." ( Does this really matter in your opinion of the wolf hybrid? I do not think so. Even though you are a breeder/police K-9 trainer, this does not make you a GOD. You do NOT know everything, and you have absolutly no right to tell people who and what is ment to live, and why. READ A BOOK! GET A CLUE! You cannot ban one breed of dogs, without taking them all down. When the wolf hybrid gets banned, what goes next? Maybe it will be the Alaskan Malamute, because they resemble the wolf so much. Lots of other dogs will fall, like a row of dominos. Then some idiot will bring up the fact that GERMAN SHEPARDS are the closest breed of dogs, to wolves. What will happen when they are banned, and you are out of work Frawley? Will you blame it on yourself? I mean... The domino effect had to start somewhere. Do you want to be the source? If you are so against breeding wolf and dog, don't breed the wolf's creation.

I must agree that socializing is the key to a successful relationship with any living breathing thing. Any and every trainer/reputable breeder tells you to play with your animal as much as possible, and expose them to things they must be comfortable with, later in life. The OWNER is responsible for this, not the animal. When an animal attacks questions must be asked: Where was the owner/Where was the parent? Was their a provoktion? HOW? What is the history of the animal? Training-abuse? All of these are factors. Not was there wolf/rot/lab/malaute in the lineage?

"1- Dogs should never be allowed to live together in a group. This is not a breed specific statement. It applied to ALL BREEDS. All dogs need to be kennel ed separately from the time they are 8 weeks old. The only exception to this rule is when a male and female are allowed to share the same pen or home. Dogs that live together form a "PACK". When this happens there is always an "alpha" pack leader. If a dog does not have a problem with dominance before assuming this role he quickly develops a problem. If he was a dominant male before, "packing up" is just reinforced by the pecking order of living as a dominant pack leader." (

Dogs should never be allowed to live ALONE! Animals that live alone (who are normally pack animals) tend to be very lonely, and will do things to get attention - even tearing a house apart. No animal should be secluded from it's own species. Dogs ARE pack animals, and if you can't define yourself THEIR 'Alpha' in the pack, maybe you should get a hamster, and learn how to feed and care for that before even CONSIDERING a dog!

( This website describes 3 rotts attacking and killing a child. "While rots are going to take a beating for this case, this is not a situation that proves that this breed is any more dangerous than any other. Trust me, it could have happened with German Shepherds, Dobes, or any other large breed that is allowed to pack up. Especially if individuals within the pack have temperament problems." He tells how it could have happend to any other breed, yet if it was a wolf hybrid, it is literally the end of the world. It wasn't the animals' faults. Children lie, they could have teased these animals (intentionally). But the real fault was the owners. This could go for any breed, and any person. Owning a pet is more than feeding it. Many responsibilites include keeping animals safe from humans, as well as blackmail.

I personally believe in the breeding of wolf hybrids. People who want to share their lives with wolf hybrids should be given the chance. All of the wolf hybrids I have known have been gentler with me, than the german shepard dog, golden retriver, or any other dog I have known. The relationship shared between human and wolf hybrid is deeper than that of a dog and human. Dogs obey you, they were made to serve humans, but wolf hybrids have will power. They don't serve us, they are on the same plain as humans, therefore the bond between their pack members is strong.

"Children should be taught to never approach a strange dog without asking permission from the owner, even if the dog looks like it's friendly. This is also something the parents of children need to be aware of. It absolutely amazes me how often I have people visit my kennel with children who are allowed to run up to a new dog when I bring it out (many times after being told not to.)"( With this statement I agree 110%. Within his pages he talks of an attack that was made on Patti Nickersons child. Now, I have read about this, and heard many stories. This child was left alone with a wolf hybrid. Frawley supports Nickerson in the banning of wolf hybrids, yet he totally disagrees with the point that Nickerson left her child alone with this strange animal!

*Taken from an email I have recieved* An even more distressing tactic they have used and continue to use, is the tragic death of Angie Nickerson. She was killed by the family dogs, and at least one stray, according to the police report. Non of the canines were wolf dogs. Not according to the police report, not according to the civil lawsuit her mother, Patti Nickerson won against her own mother nearly two years later and most importantly, not according to anyone who had contact with the dogs. Two years ago I traveled to Marquette to find the truth. I was fortunate to speak with State troopers, Marquette police officers, animal control, the vet who handled the dogs, the humane society agent who placed the dog in the Nickerson/Alderton home and even several neighbors who had seen the dogs prior. Every one, I repeat, EVERY ONE stated emphatically that NONE of the dogs were wolf dogs. The only one who is calling one of the dogs a wolf dog, the girls mother, started doing so FIVE YEARS after her death.

"Children should be told to report seeing any loose dogs roaming in their neighborhood. This can give the parents the opportunity to contact the owners and warn them of the potential for danger (which many pet owners denys even exist - "Old Spot would never consider biting a child ! WRONG ANSWER!!!!."( This statement applies with any animal. Frawley & others must understand that WOLF HYBRIDS should not be singled out because of their content.

"It's a misconception that parents only need to worry about the big Rottweiler or German Shepherd next door. I have seen some very, very nasty small dogs. I have been doing helper work and training dogs in protection work for 20 years and my worst dog bite came from my mother's toy poodle. It only bit me once :-)" ( Caught again in your lies Frawley! We musnt just worry about 'Big 'Ol Bad Wolf' but little Mr. taco bell dog. When discriminating, make sure you aren't unevenly distributing it. "Eliminating dog bites begins with responsible pet ownership." Again, this applies to every breed of dog.

Animals do attack. Wolf hybrids are animals alike, and they can and will attack when provoked. Their jaws being able to crush 1,500 pounds per square inch is no joking matter. As with many other species, they do not know their own strength. Unlike humans, they cannot walk away, because they are chained, kennelled or being held.

Numerous accounts of people are injured and even killed when animals attack. Many people wonder why these are mostly children that are mauled and scarred. Children do not know the boundaries that their hands, fingers and sticks have. If anything human, or otherwise was poking me with a stick, pulling my hair, or crawling on me, there is no telling what I would do. The same applies to animals of every kind. Wolf hybrids are singled out, because they are so controversial. There aren't newscasts on hamsters biting peoples' fingers when humans reach into their PETS' cage, and poke them.

Another point to be stressed is to never leave a child alone with a wolf hybrid - or ANY animal. No animal on earth or beyond is predictable. Humans are by no mean an exception. If you would not leave your child alone in a playground with strange people, you should never leave your child alone with a strange animal. Even though they are different, there are reasons along the same lines of why you don't leave children alone. Children are always prone to get into something they shouldn't.

I have had hybrid owners tell me "All dogs and hybrids are alike. All it takes is to socialize these animals properly and they will be fine." That's a bunch of crap. No amount of socializing will ever make a 50-50 hybrid safe with strange children in his own territory. ( No dog is safe with strange children in its own territory, same with other animals! A pure dog will attack a stranger in it's house/yard, or other animals.

This is another GREAT webpage on Frawley, and Nickerson... Makes you wonder what the world is coming to... Patty Nickerson a tragedy in more than one way.
From nikitacreed: Mr. Idiot mentioned that Wolves and Dogs breeding caused genetic problems within the Wolf-Hybrid and equated it to Man breeding with a Chimpanzee. Well...that statement more than reflected his ignorance. Animals that are not of the SAME SPECIES cannot mate. Man and Chimp are cousins..yes but they are genetically incompatible for mating....because we are not the SAME SPECIES. Wolf and Dog however are capable of mating. And if they were genetically incompatible as he claims....they simply wouldn't be able to breed at all. Nor would they animal knows what it can mate with and what it can't. If that weren't the case we would have alot of animals running around trying to constantly breed with different species. That is a simple, indisputable fact of genetics.